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Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan really "never separated"? The Sina entertainment column boiled fat Luo Jun so, because Taiwan Oprah a bid, we really have to believe that Lin Chiling Jerry Yan never left, so many years after moved to love the rest of my life, is just a play? Or eat melon masses too hope once the "Taiwan three gold 3S lady" of the last Zhi Ling sister find our minds that she deserves happiness and fate? Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan’s love, has become a mystery. Earlier Lin Chiling broker Yan Rouyi help Jerry Yan with her acting career, Jerry Yan 3 to participate in the friends of Ken Chu’s wedding, Jerry Yan Winfrey said: "there is an urge to push you to pick up the bouquet." When Ruby Lin 10 years to become a friend of his beloved; Hsu Chi met with friends for the past 20 years, from the old friend into a lifetime entangled together, many users want to be quick to follow up with the front edge of the, then with Jerry Yan Lin Chiling. But at this point in time Xu Shengmei Winfrey interview, asked Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan could "again" talk said "after all 2 people will never be apart." It sounds as if Lin Chiling will soon step Ruby Lin, Shu Qi’s, and Jerry Yan pull buried skylight. Really so? But the details of the story, the story may not be so far. Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan not only never separate, and more likely to be drifting away, just like two parallel lines, no intersection may. Such an acquaintance in micro, from the beginning, questioned by negation and criticism, but to get all kinds of expectations, even making love, from the date of birth, in a crowd of imagination to eat melon. But the love in the entertainment, it is not surprising to eat melon masses imagination and Oprah, Lin Chiling’s love is still in suspense, mystery, and Jerry Yan, but it is not necessarily the final answer. Taiwan Oprah Xu Shengmei said: "Jerry Yan Lin Chiling has never been separated from" why doubts? Now, let us when a return to Conan, see the so-called Taiwan Oprah broke the news, how much credibility. Let’s take a look at what she said. First of all, she said, I believe that the 2 did not break up, said Lin Chiling, Jerry Yan feelings will fade, because the two sides on the future planning and career view different. Since it is "believe", that is, speculation, not real hammer, such a broke, the credibility of the beginning of doubt. Xu Shengmei also revealed that the development of the mainland to the past few years, Jerry Yan and the feelings of each other is to enter the "ice age" in the period of the development of the Chinese economy, and the relationship between the two sides of the world". It’s just something that the public knows. Really surprising, at the end of the interview, Xu Shengmei was asked by Lin Chiling Jerry Yan, is it possible to "again", she said the probability is not very high, but then talk said "but because two people never leave, so there may be a catalyst to let two people suddenly flash marriage. This is a mystery." This answer is indeed a contradiction. First said the two sides, and then continue the leading edge, the probability is not very high, and that the two have never been separated, but also may suddenly相关的主题文章: