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Lei Jia "unforgettable Jasmine": a modern interpretation of the classic way of > > > Lei Jia remix of "unforgettable Jasmine" in the last G20 summit of the Arts Festival, Lei Jia dressed in white, for the leaders of the audience and sang "Jasmine" unforgettable. This is the West Lake only a solo, is the finale of the show that night. To undertake the G20 summit of "the future", Lei Jia’s "unforgettable Jasmine" through communication and composition, the production team, with a new theme, new lyrics to the classic "Jasmine" to do a new show, giving the audience a new feeling. "I met you, the moonlight alone, fall in love with you, fragrance in my yi……" Old words full of wind, in fact, is innovative creation. Whether it is "Moonlight", "fragrant" rather mood words, or "dimple" and "Yi" this charming noun use "unforgettable Jasmine" at the beginning of the modern lyrics and melody, attract a young audience attention. Who said that the elegant works of literature and art just sing to the veteran cadres who listen? With creation, creative choreography of traditional folk songs, as can coruscate new vitality to attract young people. To the chorus, the classic "Jasmine" melody, "Jasmine Flower", showing the charm of Oriental Culture in front of world leaders, also makes the audience, the audience can China in this familiar melody, feel touched and novelty. Whether you are at home or abroad, to hear the melody of "Jasmine", can feel the charm of music such as home, "unforgettable Jasmine" the song, "it is a beautiful peerless sweet how can forget". As a singer of the younger generation, Lei Jia’s "unforgettable Jasmine" is a rich musical level, the expression of a new generation of people on the traditional music and culture, as well as the inheritance. In the performance, because of the need to overcome the obstacles of sight, hearing, Lei Jia and the symphony orchestra had to rehearse again and again, in order to achieve the best results. Lei Jia on the "precious and unforgettable Jasmine" attention, also reflected in the visual presentation of the song of songs played by carefully measure: Chinese National Symphony Orchestra Conductor Li Xincao Fan Bingbing made for guidance; "long service" Laurence Xu Hangzhou city will do Chinese and Western osmanthus processing, embroidery in Lei Jia white costumes; Hangzhou West Lake a landscape of lakes and mountains and deep inside the humanities, director Zhang Yimou was through Lei Jia this song "unforgettable Jasmine" throughout the show. To be a stone相关的主题文章: