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Reference-and-Education Spanish is a language that is cherished and coveted the world over. The career prospects and the sheer charm associated with this language have made it one of the most sought after languages in the world. Seeing the increasing popularity of this language we have started our Spanish language school in Santo Domingo – the vivacious and famous capital of the Dominican Republic. Dominican Republic is a country that is famous all over the world for its scenic beauty, serenity and sheer warmth of its hard-working people. What a tranquil venue to learn Spanish! Such a country is ideal for the acquisition of a new language as it provides an atmosphere that is equally liked by the head and the heart. Its a pragmatic truth that if you are able to develop interest in your endeavor, you are very close to its fulfillment. Our school, that is a premier language school in the Spanish Language Abroad category is fully equipped with the latest facilities to ensure that our students dont lose even an iota of their interest in their language pursuit. Further, the beauty and peace of the place further augment the interest of our students and give them a home like feeling. We offer Spanish language courses from January through November and are .mitted to the cause of our students. Hispaniola Spanish Language School takes every pain to ensure that our students get the most out of their literary endeavor of learning Spanish language abroad. We employ the latest teaching methods that are in tune with the Foreign Language Concept of the Council of Europe. We take every care that our students converse in Spanish during their free time so that it supplements our direct teaching methods. Not only this we also ensure that our students get a feel of the cultural aspects associated with the Spanish Language and people. Its a well-known fact that acquisition of any language is vastly in.plete without the knowledge of the cultural nuances associated with it. So, we regularly .anize cultural nights where well-informed and trained localities are invited for interaction with our students. The teaching staff employed by us is highly qualified, trained and motivated. Our teachers are in a habit of refreshing themselves as regards the latest developments in language teaching. As most of our teachers are Dominican citizens, they are full of the unswerving energy and warmth that is a characteristic of the people of the Dominican Republic. They posses the gift of the gab and see to it that no kind of boredom creeps in their classes during the full time of instruction. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: