Kissinger talks about Trump I thought Hilary would

Kissinger talks about Trump’s victory: I thought that Hilary will win the original title: Kissinger on Trump’s victory: after the people present Russia will carefully consider the elite fault response [global network reporter reports Wang Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in the US presidential election, the American public opinion field immersed in the atmosphere to reflect and analysis. The United States published the "the Atlantic issue" editor Geoffrey Gordon Bao of former U.S. Secretary of state Henry Kissinger interview. The heavy international experts how to analyze the foreign policy of the United States, the future of U.S. – Russian relations? In the face of rising China, the United States will adopt what kind of policy and other issues? The following is an interview of the relevant part of Translation: Goldenburg: are you surprised? Kissinger: I thought Hilary would win. Fort Gordon: what does this mean for America’s role in the world? Kissinger: this may promote the United States foreign policy and the domestic situation of the formation of consistency. It is clear that there is a big gap between the social people and the elite in the view of American foreign policy and the international role of the United states. I think the new president has an opportunity to bridge this divide. He has a chance, but can grasp, depends on his own. Goldenburg: will you help Trump? Kissinger: I will not take the initiative to find him, after retirement for every government I do, but if he asked me to see him, I will accept. Goldenburg: what is your biggest concern about global stability after the election? Kissinger: other countries will be equally surprised. I would say that a new dialogue might appear. If Trump said to the Americans, "this is my diplomatic theory", and many of these policies are different from the past, but the basic objectives are the same, then continuity may occur. Fort Gordon: what will China do? Kissinger: I firmly believe that China will carefully study their options, I think the same is true of russia. Goldenburg: do you think the trump will plead for Putin? Kissinger: No. Previously, because Putin spoke of his good words, so from a strategic point of view that he must respond, given some remarks. Goldenburg: for Russia, will the results of this election in the United States to get a chance to make a profit? Kissinger: Putin is more likely to observe the development of the situation. Many areas of Russia and the United States both interaction cannot control all the factors, such as Ukraine and Syria. Other aspects of the conflict may feel certain actions can be taken. Putin will wait and look at his options. Fort Gordon: so there will be more volatile possibilities? Kissinger: I would like to sum up, the next six to nine months, most of the world’s foreign policy or will be suspended to see the impact of the U.S. election. The outside world will focus on changes in the United States, will study a period of time. But at some point, the parties are bound to make decisions. The only exception may be NGOs, which may stimulate the United States to harm the United states. Goldenburg: why do you think this will happen? Kissinger: Trump phenomenon is largely because the United States Kay相关的主题文章: