Kenneth Cole Shoes Make Heads Turn!

Fashion-Style Kenneth Cole was a fashion designer by profession who established his own company in the year 1982 under the name Kenneth Cole Productions. At the onset he introduced a delicate collection of ladies’ footwear. There is an interesting story about how Kenneth Cole first started his company. Though Kenneth Cole always dreamed of opening a shoe company in Manhattan, US, he had limited funds and he knew it would not be an easy task for him to open a company. He then went to Europe and lined up factories based on credit to manufacture shoes based on his designs. He then returned to the US and tried to sell his shoes. However, he didn’t have a store, or the funds to open one. He then applied for a permit to shoot a documentary film in midtown called ‘The Birth of a Shoe Company." The new company name "Kenneth Cole Productions" was painted on the side of a 40 foot truck and trailer and was parked across the street from the New York Hilton. With cameras rolling, Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc. sold 40,000 pairs of Kenneth Cole shoes in two and a half days. It was the first stepping stone of his success. Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc. has since come to be one of the top designer shoe companies in the world. In addition, the company now sells clothing, fragrances, jewelry, handbags and many other accessories. Still, most associate shoes with this name brand. Kenneth Cole shoes can be seen all over the top fashion magazines, on the red carpet, and on catwalk after catwalk. However, with very affordable prices, Kenneth Cole shoes are not just accessible to supermodels, celebrities or expensive fashion lovers. They are accessible to all shoe lovers from every strata of the society. Kenneth Cole shoes include dress shoes, casual shoes and boots for both men and women and children, with numerous styles to choose from each new season. You can get easily get Kenneth Cole shoes of your choice, because there are shoes designed and available for every age and gender. You only need to know the type of shoe you really want. Their shoes range from all kinds of colors, styles and sizes and thus making it easier for you to choose. Most of the Kenneth Cole shoes range from the funky design to the refined and stylish designed shoes. There are three brands of shoes named as "Unlisted", "Reaction" and "Kenneth Cole New York". Therefore shoppers of all budgets and tastes can easily choose his or her shoes. The creativity, artistic flair and stylish design have made Kenneth Cole shoes the favorite of many persons in the world who do not fail to describe his shoes as "Killer Shoes". Keeping a view on the modernization of technology and its influence on the shoe industry as well, Kenneth Cole shoes have adopted the "Silver Technology", which is also known as the Silver Tech. This technology is a modern innovation to incorporate maximum comfort and support to the soles and structures of the shoes. Generally most Kenneth Cole shoes are made from leather and has subdued and subtle colors ranging from black, to shades of brown, grey and white also. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: