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In July the global electric car sales rose 60% way ahead BYD Automotive News Based on automotive finishing in 2016 July the global electric car sales charts, BYD Tang and Qin (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) to boost the brand absolute advantage ahead of other brands, including Tang (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) rankings, won the third title. China is the largest market according to the statistical data, in July 2016 the global range of electric vehicles (including pure electric and plug-in hybrid cars) sales of 62967, an increase of 63%; 7 months before the cumulative global sales of 374184, year-on-year growth of 53%. EV Sales Blog predicts that in 2016 the global sales of electric vehicles or more than 800000 vehicles. 7 months ago, only completed 46.8%, in 2016 the global electric car sales target go15. Last month, China’s electric car sales were 33976, an increase of 188% over the same period, the market share exceeded 1%. EV Sales Blog said that China’s electric car sales in 2016 will reach 400000 units, the market share increased to 1.5%, the first half of the total electric car sales in was 161216, has completed a total of 40.3%. July, the United States sold 13322 electric vehicles, up by 51% year on year; European electric vehicle sales of $13104, down by 4%. Chinese is the largest market for electric vehicles, the development speed and strength are beyond the United States and Europe, this also shows that the new energy vehicle market potential. The reason for its growth and domestic 1.6 liters of small displacement car purchase tax policy and other government procurement and support are closely related. However, development at the same time, a variety of frequent chaos, excessive dependence on policy and cheat up become the new energy car market growth worries. And the purchase tax halved policy will expire at the end of this year, whether it will continue to become a major concern of the major car prices. Car sales: Model S won the top ten models, the Tesla Model S global sales of up to 3728, the highest in July the history of the highest sales volume; Nissan Leaf to the monthly sales of 3165 silver. BYD EV has more than third title condi tang. SAIC Roewe (micro-blog) e550 plug-in hybrid vehicles to enter the top ten, becoming the fourth finalists global electric car sales top ten Chinese brand’s models. According to the national Chinese division, a total of 4 cars in the top ten, respectively BYD BYD, Roewe Qin Tang, SAIC e550 and Beiqi E-Series electric car. The United States and Japan each two, Germany and France each one. The July car sales rankings are as follows: First: Tesla Model S7 month sales: 3728 units; 1 to 25627 vehicles in July sales: Second: Nissan Leaf7 month sales: 3165; 1 to July sales of 32299 vehicles: Third: BYD Tang July sales: 3032 units; 1 to July sales of 22166 vehicles: Fourth: Chevrolet volt: July sales of 2796 vehicles; 1 to July sales of 13920 vehicles in the car:相关的主题文章: