Joe Chen ” we ” lotus flower burst balloon turned ” power ” young girl – verbal jint

Joe Chen " we enjoy the lotus " burst balloon   " transform; vitality strange girl – " entertainment channel — original title: Joe Chen " us " enjoy the lotus burst balloon turned " vitality strange girl Joe Chen Chen Qiaoenchen Jon " the "we have come to the" continuation of last week in Tengchong came to the station, lotus tours lotus, came to Yunnan Tengchong Joe Chen "when in Rome" wearing colored striped skirt with national characteristics, head twist ponytail, very cute, warm color to bring out the "sunflower" like girly. Flowers, pictures, gambling links, "to the" big family in a pond a heavy game — burst balloon race. Called "bomb hit" Joe Chen "is released in the current round of the game the strange force". Since the first phase of Ming Xi was Joe Chen "kidney shot", then do not say, a lot of good bestie — Joe Chen and Sheenah in Tengchong to the pool in a love to kill "action drama". Beside Sheenah Joe Chen has been waiting in the wings to take "the enemy does not move me." the game strategy, in Sheenah to attack the ball fast, accurate and relentless grip on Sheenah’s right arm, with "strange", a Sheenah pulled down from the floating platform. The second Sheenah raid nearly broke through Joe Chen’s defense. Seeing her upper body has been rubbed on the floating platform, but from the side of the Joe Chen once again showed her strong halfway cut Hu ability. She grabbed the clothes to Sheenah, Sheenah abruptly moved away from the horizontal tower, so the presence of all people are terrified. Now, has been focused on the role of "actors" with Joe Chen praised the drama "bread tree woman" access to the industry and the audience for both Yan values and acting "idol strength". And felt the drama charm of Joe Chen, is unable to stop on the stage. She enjoys the feeling of being on the stage beyond self and self. She said: "the stage will help me with energy, just like the same charge, can hear the audience pulling Kleenex’s voice at the table is very enjoyable." In addition, in order to add to the drama of the charm, the play also joined the dance elements, many people are showing monologue in the form of a song, the actors dance skill requirements. However, these difficulties will not bother Joe Chen, is currently in Shanghai staged the "bread tree" full mouth overflowing, Joe Chen and freely the excellent acting girl Cheng Yun mentality interpretation of the audience greatly most incisive. (commissioning editor Li Yan and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: