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JINGWAH times: Asian art film territory has a subtle change – the media – People’s original title: Asian art film has a subtle change in the seventy-third Venice Film Festival ended. In addition to the best director "egg yolk" triggered a "sound, the awards changed, most films including Wang Bing and" bitter ", released in the money to China cinema, fans can only struggle through various paths one by one to see. The Golden Lion film "left women" tells the story of a woman wrongfully imprisoned 30 years free after planning revenge story. Of course, the Philippines film China to mention the mood of the audience in the moment, the Philippines film China relatively unfamiliar, the audience may be more curious how the jury will be awarded the Golden Lion award a 226 minute feature? In fact, a short feature film festival precedents, the longest film history for the Golden Bear, the palm and the golden lion, was once a Portuguese Eyre de Oliveira?? 1985 works "satin shoes", as long as 410 minutes, but this record just in this year’s Berlin Film Festival is a time consuming and Ralph? 485 minute "sad secret lullaby" refresh. We used the length of the film is 90 minutes, but in artistic films, documentary or experimental film, film is not a thing. Once into the the Imperial Palace film "the last emperor" Bertolucci another masterpiece "1900", as long as 318 minutes. And the award-winning Wang Bing also had a 551 minute documentary film, Shi Diliu was ranked the world. Interestingly, the 1968 London art laboratory has released a 48 hour film movie title is called "the world’s Longest Most Meaningless Movie", but this record in 1987 by the American 87 hour long "break" in treating insomnia. This is not the end, in April this year, a 7 hour 20 minute Movie Trailer in Sweden, is said to be positive for up to 720 hours, will be released in 2020, spent 30 days watching a movie, I believe that is true love. "Leave the woman" in the background of 1997, when the Asian financial crisis, Philippines social unrest, the director with a fixed lens on the bottom of the Philippines people to do a detailed description and true. From the theme, the film based on the little suffering, inside the Philippines dark side of social reality. After another and by Ralph? Feature film "sad secret lullaby" early gains Berlin Silver Bear award, as well as in "Rosa mother" actress Jaclyn? Joss won the Cannes film, within a year of Filipinos in the three Film Festival are gains. This is not the first Filipino best film, Ralph in early 2008, and had relied on? "Melancholia" won the sixty-fifth Venice Film Festival ORIZZONTI best film, "Rosa" director Brillante and mother? "By Mendoza in 2012 have Kiruna won the Cannes Best Director Award". In contrast, in Japan and South Korea, the three traditional film power several major film festival in the upper part of the body a shadow this year, in addition to Yang Chao "Yangtze River map" refers to dye photography in Berlin Silver Bear Park, "Miss" in Cannes), and相关的主题文章: