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Jin Bin: next Monday won gold in the long-term layout fully opened, crude oil, asphalt, analysis of silver market trend Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Friday (October 7th) evening, the U.S. Department of labor announced the 9 seasonally adjusted nonfarm payrolls recorded a population of 156 thousand, lower than the expected 175 thousand, followed by the decline in the dollar. Affected by this, oil prices have risen. In recent months, changes in oil prices are closely related to the trend of the dollar. For buyers who use foreign currency transactions, the weak dollar makes it cheaper to buy dollars worth of oil, so oil prices tend to rise in the case of a falling dollar. Saturday (October 8th) 01:00 announced the United States to the week of October 7th, the total number of oil drilling was 428, higher than expected and the previous value of 425. The total number of wells in the United States recorded an increase for the 15 consecutive week, the highest level since February 2016. After the data were released, the oil price shock. However, the recent oil traders are more concerned about OPEC’s remarks and its plans to cut production. Despite doubts about the details of the plan and OPEC’s compliance with the plan, oil prices have risen to their highest level since June. But on Friday, the price rise momentum in the Russian energy minister Novak held in Turkey next week’s Energy Conference ended. Crude oil market analysis next week: crude oil, more time is over. From the history of the market we can determine, every time after the boom, decline, it will send a get out of hand, it also gave us a chance to suggest that short! But before I have said, the bulls are already at a high level from the four hour chart can be seen at the beginning of the MACD formation in high speed MACD departure from the top, the line has been running at a high level, the kinetic energy has been in the low divergence, plus positions has been reduced, it also shows that an open interest in the market, at this time do not blindly pursue, closing on Friday ended with a bardo, then next week will open a new round of decline. Prudent to do more. Next Monday the idea of $50 empty, stop $50.3, the target looks at $49.2. Silver market analysis next week: Silver nonfarm rose after the first drop, once touched the 17.1 position. Keep 17 of the lifeline, I said, $17 is the lifeline of silver, if the market Powei $17, the dollar back, the second half of this year will have no chance to return to $17, but after the two test, prices have not reached 17 of the support points, also said before, the best line the position is 17 dollars, can now do layout line, long $17.2 20[%] positions above $18 gallon, a target of $22. The center line is expected to arrive early next year. Now back to the topic, but also the end of the silver continuous overcast with a candle to the end of last week’s market, it is a sign of a reversal of the pupil, so next week, we have to consider the blank theory相关的主题文章: