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The day after the Jiangsu open "rain rain mode" during the national day of fear towards the three typhoon typhoon "catfish" generation or in the impact of China’s National Day holiday on the coastal areas of Guangdong and Fujian or across Guangdong this weekend did not go out, you lose! Today, large or fine, Huaibei local small showers have floated. And tomorrow between the Yangtze River and the northern part of Huaibei rain, the day after tomorrow’s rain. Rain rain rain is coming, or go out to play today! Yesterday the temperature rise, temperature along the Yangtze River in South of Jiangsu at 28 DEG to 31 DEG C, the heat of Gaochun. The temperature in summer’s tail, and the air is sweet scented osmanthus fragrance, there is a strange mix of sense. The enhancement of the subtropical high northward, the southern area of Jiangsu today and tomorrow still maintain the cloudy weather, high temperature at 30 degrees celsius. But the northern region has begun to change. Today is good, but there are small showers. Tomorrow the rain to expand, large area north of rain. The day after tomorrow ushered in the province’s rainfall. Modern Express reporter noted that this rain is not the next day to go, a few days after the rain rain rhythm. Although rain is not too big, not every rain showers, rain is to rain, or remind you to prepare in advance. Affected by the rain, these two days, the temperature will drop further down to below 25 degrees celsius. There is no 17 typhoon " catfish " impact? Yes! Yesterday morning at 8, it has been strengthened for a strong tropical storm level, is expected to be in southern Fujian to the eastern coast of Guangdong in the southern coast of 28. Typhoon periphery will have an impact on Jiangsu. The central meteorological station is expected before less than its strength " miranti; " however, after landing will encounter cold air, may cause a large range of heavy rainfall. East China is also affecting the radiation range. At the same time, the need to pay attention to is, weather experts have said the "catfish" is the national day of the typhoon, the next ten days in the Northwest Pacific Ocean may have 3 typhoons, during the national day of the group and to. Remind you, before the National Day travel, we must pay attention to weather forecasts. Nanjing three days the weather is cloudy today, east 3 to 4, 20 to 30 DEG C to 20 ~ 30 degrees cloudy tomorrow, the day after tomorrow cloudy with showers or thunderstorms, 22 to 30 DEG C相关的主题文章: