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Arts-and-Entertainment If you live in North Texas and youve got an Apple iPad Mini, its a good idea for you to have the phone number on hand of a shop that does iPad mini repair in Flower Mound TX. At CPR Cell Phone Repair, we are the shop you should have on your speed dial because we know that no matter how great Apple is, there are always things that can go wrong with your iPad Mini. We find that there are basically two categories of problems we encounter those that are the result of bad engineering and those that are the result of careless handling. Engineering Problems Charging problems with the iPad Mini are a commonly-reported issue. Sometimes the problem is that users have clogged the charging port with debris or that theyve tried to use cheap, knock-off charging cords; but many times, the problem lies inside the Mini itself. Software or even hardware problems can keep your Mini from charging properly or at all. A common display problem is the unresponsive or slow touchscreen. You may find that your screen is slow to respond when you touch it or that there are some areas of the screen that dont respond at all to touch. At CPR, the technicians who handle our iPad Mini repair in Flower Mound TX can diagnose the problem and help to solve it. You may experience random crashing or sudden closing of apps on your iPad Mini. This isnt unusual and it will likely happen from time-to-time; but you will need help if you have apps, especially critical apps, that crash frequently and that keep you from using your Mini. Handling Problems Touchscreen damage is one of the more common problems we encounter in iPad Mini repair in Flower Mound TX. Cracked or shattered touchscreens happen when customers either drop their Minis or drop something on top of them. Damage to internal components can also result from dropping the tablet or exposing it to liquids. Dropping it can result in dislodging of internal components. Exposing it to water or other liquids means water can seep into the interior of the Mini, which can short out the internal electronics. Home buttons and mute switches are the only moving parts on the iPad Mini and theyre used all the time. This means that they can wear out or even break off, in the case of the mute switch. The home button can become clogged with dirt and any food debris you have on your fingers. Because we carry our Minis in pockets, bags and purses, they come into contact with lint, crumbs and other types of detritus just waiting to clog up charging ports, speakers and headphone jacks. In addition, charging ports can become dislodged over time through frequent or careless use. If youre experiencing any problem with your iPad Mini, whether you suspect its a manufacturers defect or something you may have done to it, bring it to us at CPR Cell Phone Repair for excellent iPad Mini repair in Flower Mound TX. Not only do we repair iPad Minis, we also buy and sell phones. If you want to sell your old phone, we pay top dollar in cash on-the-spot with no mail-ins needed. We can also sell you a pre-owned phone with many of the most popular models carrying a 6-month warranty. Call us at CPR today to find out more at (972) 325-5253 or visit us online at .cpr-lewisville… iPad Mini Repair Flower Mound TX CPR Lewisville 2325 S. Stemmons Fwy, Suite 306 Lewisville, Texas 75067 972-325-5253 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: