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Interview: dumbreck lively: "gossip girl" – I cannot type entertainment Sohu   – "black shark" stills lively beach. Sohu entertainment news (Sen Yuewen) – dumbreck lively, born in 1987, California girl, smiling face relaxed and full of sunshine, lively and sexy. More China viewers know she is because the U.S. drama "gossip girl", she plays Selena, a people accustomed to living in the focus of the girl. Because the character was so successful that when people saw her face, she thought of Selena. In this regard, dumbreck does not bother. She felt that it was a great honor to be able to relate to a character, and even if people only remembered one of her characters, she was still grateful. In the summer, dumbreck he starred in a little film "shark Beach", which is likely to be a time to change people’s impression of the gossip girl. In this unique film, dumbreck by a person acting up throughout the film, and has achieved good results in North america. She starred in a film in a bold surfer girl, because of a shark hit the beach, she launched a positive self-help. Blake said that he did not have the courage to act like the film to their own dressing, surgery, basically, compared to take care of themselves, but she is more likely to hurt themselves. But she was with the heroine as a desire to survive, she said that if you encounter such a situation, then jumped into the sea will not be eaten! Sohu Entertainment: do you think Selena is famous for being a member of the Thai character? Blake lively: I’m glad this role can be known, but we think she can think of me. I don’t worry about being stereotyped, because I think it’s an honor to be remembered. Selena can’t shape me, and of course I would like to show you a different image, just like in my other works. However, even if only such a role, I have felt very honored. Sohu Entertainment: what’s different about taking pictures at sea? When there is no danger? Blake lively: filming at sea is actually a very good experience, almost every day to go to work. The waves on the sea, fish, jellyfish, sharks and sometimes are very attractive, too wonderful for words. Of course, there are some challenges, because you can not control the temper of the sea, you can not control the tide and the weather, rain or storm may come at any time, it is not a very easy thing. But some of our underwater filming was done in a giant tank that could turn over the waves, not really at sea. But it is also very difficult, because it is difficult to control myself in the water, can not breathe under water, you must be very careful, but still inevitably panic, only in the performance of their own suppress panic. Sohu Entertainment: how much are you loyal to the script? Do you have any room for change or improvisation at the scene? Dumbreck – lively: yes. The truth is, our last piece is very close to the script相关的主题文章: