In this era of Ji Qi, the true spirit and feelings are more important than ever

Ji Qi: this time, the true spirit and feelings are important than ever "rich people" Sohu don’t look down on "reading", "sea turtles" don’t look down on "the two wood louse", in fact, people who replace who, who do not follow this rule, you will pay a heavy price. Five points 1 three companies from 1999 to 2010, nearly ten years, and I started to participate in the creation of three companies (Ctrip, Home Inns, Hanting), the three companies are listed on Nasdaq, the market value is more than $1 billion. Taken together, the three companies have a lot in common. The first characteristic: the actual business model and initial financing is not exactly the same from Ctrip online travel agency to the reservation center, home from the hotel to the direct economic alliance, from the mid-range limited service to the Econo Hotel hanting. This process is the key to the entrepreneurial team to have the ability to adapt to the continuous exploration and innovation. If you keep in the original unrealistic ideal model, these start-ups may die in the cradle. When the ideal model tested in practice, we should be keen to find a feasible way out, and then continue to adhere to, build, can achieve a big industry. Second features: basically the three enterprises in three years or so have been forming the Ctrip 1999-2002, such as from 2003-2005, Hanting from 2007-2010. Like growth and development, three years, the company’s business model, the team, the framework, personality, character, culture, and so on are based on the long, the latter is the further growth. Chinese enterprise, three years is a Kaner, within three years to reach a certain level, the hope of the future is relatively large. This is because the growth rate of China’s entrepreneurial enterprises is relatively fast, imitate, follow up a lot of people, not able to stand out in three years or so, it is easy to mix in a group of homogeneous enterprises, mediocre. Third characteristics: have experienced a major test of Ctrip through the Internet bubble, as experienced during the SARS period, Han Ting met the financial crisis, and I also agree with the crisis is the catalyst: one is because encounter internal crisis, in order to cope with the crisis, enterprises need to mobilize their best part. Will their potential to the maximum force. But the crisis has become the driving force of our growth. Like Golgi’s "swallow": let the storm come more violent! The two is that the crisis has also eliminated or weakened many of its peers and competitors, making it easier for companies with good genes to grow after the crisis. The crisis is a test of speculation or not, serious and persistent enterprise can experience the storm and more powerful, rather than being overwhelmed by the bubble, or be destroyed by the storm. Fourth characteristics: is a perfect combination of the spirit of entrepreneurs and professional managers by Ctrip I start to build the chapter (Liang Jianzhang) to lay a solid foundation, Fan Min carry forward, South Peng (Shen Napeng) in the financial and legal aspects is absolutely professional and excellent is my home:相关的主题文章: