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If people are not money, but it is still, Ali, the Tencent – Sohu technology "no money, but people are still" and "people did not, but the money is still", with the popularity of mobile payments, things more complicated. More and more people put money into Alipay, WeChat wallet, Baidu wallet, Jingdong coffers and three party payment platform, or for the convenience of shopping, recharge, for life service, deal with the ubiquitous payment scenarios, or to invest the balance of treasure, Jingdong, finance caifutong financial and other simple financial. This led to a more painful thing: once the accident is really gone, these third party payment platform in the money how to do? Who will fall into the hands? Enhance risk awareness more and more people began to consider "behind the money" actually raised these questions is not groundless statement, but in the era of upheaval under had to first consider personnel. Prior to the bank as the main capital storage, financing channels, unexpected death events, usually will not cause too much damage to personal property. In general, if you know the password, you can take the passbook, bank cards and other direct withdrawals. Even if you do not know the password, the legal heir can also go to the notary office for the inheritance of notarization, the notary issued by the notary money. But in recent years, the rapid rise of the third party payment platform, in the form of Internet banking, in a radical change in the concept of mass consumption and habits, but also changed the way the public funds and financial management. Many young and middle-aged people will part or all funds placed in Alipay, WeChat wallet, Baidu wallet, Jingdong coffers and three party payment platform, convenient at the same time, also can be a simple financial. At the same time bring convenience, the problem has come, because the bank can not find people on the third party payment platform to store funds, it is impossible for people to provide withdrawals. Even relatives who died in the third party payment platform has an account, there are many money may not know, these funds are likely to be forgotten. At present, more and more third party payment platform such as insurance funds, invested 1 yuan of money, if the money is stolen the highest compensation 1 million, never specified users once the accidental death, storage funds will be how to deal with. With the improvement of public awareness of risk, more and more people began to consider the money behind, how to deal with the third party payment platform funds should also be highly concerned about the degree of. Ali, Tencent and other guns! Money belongs to them? If registered in Alipay, WeChat, Jingdong and other small treasury account, pay attention to the user agreement can be found, once accidentally killed, relatives to find the money, which is not an easy thing. If you know the account number, password, etc., but also withdrawals, but if you do not know, it can only be bad luck. The provisions of the "fourth part third fifth Alipay service agreement": "in order to prevent the resource occupation, such as your 12 consecutive months without using your Alipay login or Alipay approved the other way logged your membership number or account, Alipay will be on the cancellation of membership number or account, you will not be able to pass)相关的主题文章: