Hua Chenyu Mars concert received official Datong help perfect hi sing (video) diqua

Hua Chenyu Mars concert received official Datong help perfect hi sing the audience chorus of "Casey Modoo’s gift" Huachen Yu piano Tencent entertainment news September 16th, Huachen Yu 2016 Mars concert ending the war in the Gulf of Shenzhen spring cocoon stadium kicked off. Hua Chenyu with his unique voice and perfect stage performance, for the concert on a successful conclusion. The concert not only invited "music Wanzhu" Khalil Fong back, also sang the "blessing", "exaggerated" and other songs, the original in the conference fans wish, finally the audience chorus of "I", ad three years journey. The song sing four stage high level presents a perfect return to the visual "Mars" Shenzhen ending the war, returning to four stage effect, better reflects the concept of the concert "pluzze" fans. LED lifts, acrylic modeling stage, CNC maze matrix lights, more let the audience feel the brilliance Yu stage, for the whole concert adds a lot of highlights. "Here we are" start changing the melody and drop from the clouds, fierce rap, instantly ignite the audience atmosphere. As the works of Hua Chenyu in a rare love song "disappeared yesterday", also let the fans see the unique charm of flowers and tender voice; "I just released the song" lonely from a few kilometers is also the first time to meet you. Hey Mars music urchin help ending the concert, Huachen Yu invited to his good friend, Khalil Fong came to help Hua Chenyu music urchin, together with the interpretation of his classic "love song", at the same time to bring his new single "monkey". Known as the devil’s creation of Hua Chenyu, and music urchin Khalil Fong out of the collision sparks, let the Mars concert shine. Amazing style classical repertoire "I wish to meet the fans" the audience soared tears as the 2016 "Mars" concert finale, Hua Chenyu sang Cantonese songs "," flamboyant Eason Chan Jacky Cheung’s classic song "blessing" (micro-blog) and Karen Mok (micro signal: karenmok01) the song "see", but also specifically for fans the design of the VOD link, to meet the fans conference proposed the desire in the singing. At the end of the concert, Hua Chenyu "For" Forever "Why Nobody Fights" and the Martians sang together; and in all the Martians shouted, Huachen Yu sang soulful. He has participated in the happy male competition song "I", so the scene of countless fans moved to tears. Three years, three years to three years of expectations, 2016 Huachen Yu " " Mars concert; perfect ending, ultra high level performance let the audience greatly. It is reported that, after the end of Hua Chenyu’s Mars concert, he will devote himself to the work of the new album, as soon as possible so that the third album to meet with you.相关的主题文章: