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Want to make a breakthrough? We’ve all had times when we just can’t seem to get past a certain level of success. Somehow we get stuck in our comfort zone. We are doing OK. However, we know we can do better. I’ve observed that this is simply a matter of breaking through a mental and emotional barrier that the imagination has built in error. Here’s a simple and fun technique that shows the imagination that the breakthrough you desire is No big deal! You will need, Post-It notes, a pen, plastic wrap, scotch tape, and a sense of humor. On several Post-It notes, write out the reasons you have not made your breakthrough up to this point. These can be traits you think you lack, skills you haven’t developed yet, or experience you’ve yet to gain. Don’t spend a lot of time on this. The first few thoughts that come to mind will do nicely. So let your mind form these words spontaneously and jot them down as you might a shopping list. When you are done, set these notes aside for a moment. On other Post-It notes, write out your answer to the question What will this breakthrough do for me? Answer this question in terms of the financial, personal, mental, emotional, professional, and even spiritual benefits. Use as many notes as you need. Again, let your mind form the words. Write whatever occurs to you spontaneously. When you are done, set these notes aside. Now we are going to show the imagination the flimsy comfort zone barrier it erroneously built. Tear off one sheet of plastic wrap a few inches wider that an average doorway. Position this sheet a little lower than shoulder high across a doorway in your home and tape it to the molding. This is the comfort zone barrier your imagination mistakes for something solid! On the side facing you, affix the Post-It notes with the reasons you have not made your breakthrough up to this point. This is what you are about to break through. On the other side, affix the Post-It notes with the answers to the question What will this breakthrough do for me? This is the success on the other side of your exciting breakthrough that will take place in the very near future. Now you are ready. Stand in front of the plastic wrap/flimsy barrier. Position yourself so that one solid thrust with your arm will go right through this barrier. Hold your hand like a knife with your hand and fingers pointing away from your body. Extend your hand perpendicular to the floor such that your fingertips will be the first to slice through this insignificant obstacle. Set your feet comfortably apart, take a deep breath, give your best karate chop yell, and thrust your arm forward so that your hand cuts right through to success! Congratulations! You just made your breakthrough! Easy, wasn’t it? And perhaps you feel a little silly! I’ve never seen anyone who actually did this that didn’t get a good laugh out it. What’s even sillier (but not funnier) is that you let a barrier flimsier than this hold you back. I’m hoping you feel, Hey! Nothing to it! Now that you’ve got the Nothing to it! idea, make a plan, get busy, and follow through. Once you’ve made the breakthrough in your mind and in your doorway, there really is Nothing to it! About the Author: Tony Papajohn coaches excellence and specializes in money. If you are a real estate investor, financial trader, entrepreneur, or want money to treat you like its new best friend, check out Tony"’s free e-courses at . Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Success – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: