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How to contain telecommunications fraud? The prosecutor said hard evidence of the original title: containment of telecommunications fraud, prosecutors say the Legal Daily News October 23rd, leakage of personal information of citizens are infringed and has become the focus of social concern, some netizens believe that the personal information of violations of civil behavior criminal hit very suck, the truth? The "Legal Daily" reporter from the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Procuratorate, the 2009 criminal law amendment (seven) new "sell, illegally providing personal information of citizens" and "illegal access to personal information of citizens" charges, the province prosecutors handled the case 106 232 people, 145 people prosecuted 81; November 1, 2015 promulgation the criminal law amendment (nine) above charges canceled, replaced by "the infringement of citizens’ personal information crime", from the implementation date to August this year, the province’s procuratorial organs handled such cases 30 53 people, 26 people prosecuted 12. Compared with the actual situation of the people are suffering from personal information is violated every day, whether it is from the number of cases, or from the number of cases, such cases are not handled by the judiciary. So, how is the personal information was leaked, being sold and sold to who? Judicial organs to deal with such cases what are the problems? And how to crack? Recently, the reporter conducted a survey interview. Who let who who buy originally is reselling personal privacy information, what is leaked? First of all, the source of their own. Abandoned train tickets, parcels on the express orders, you are not doing anything to throw away? All businesses engaged in the award questionnaire, membership card to send integration activities, you are not leaving a personal information? Go out, you will not be the first time to find the available network, connecting public places WiFi?…… All kinds of casual, your personal information will be mysteriously leaked out. At the same time, the Internet service providers, telecom operators, banks, intermediaries, insurance companies, courier companies, such as Taobao takeaway mechanism, the seller institutions or enterprises and individuals in the long run, gradually formed and accumulated their own user information database. Involving a large number of personal basic information such as name, gender, age, address, phone number, bank account number. Some due to poor management and lead to passive leak, while others are active leak". Nanjing City chief of Xuanwu District procuratorate reconnaissance Department Zhou Ying introduced, in the disclosure of personal information source police seized in the staff of telecommunications companies, courier companies, banks and other enterprises, there are hospitals, schools, industrial and commercial department staff, they use their own special jobs, an easy job to do to steal personal information for profit. With the rising popularity of the real name system and online shopping, payment platform, hackers crack database, malicious code through other means, illegal invasion of computer information system, wantonly illegal access to personal information of citizens profit phenomenon has become increasingly rampant. Where is the flow of huge personal information? Zhou Ying introduction, the purchase of these information is the most need to sell advertising information, the sale of fake invoices and spam相关的主题文章: