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The Taiwan authorities, soliciting Hong Xiuzhu: funny Chinese KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu have the order reversed. (source: the rating agency) Chinese Taiwan news network August 31st Taiwan leader Cai Yingwen’s mistake led to cross-strait policy after "520" the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan continued to decline, a serious impact on Taiwan’s tourism industry. To this end, the industry has been in series to form "million tourism self-help" in September 12th, Kay road parade voice. According to the China News Agency reported that there are 12 representative organizations, to join the parade. According to reports, the Preparatory Committee has held a parade on the 29 day, the industry registration contact window has been finalized, the representative organization has determined join: Taiwan business association, Tourist Hotels Association, association of travel agents, Hotel Association, tour bus passenger business association and tourism the tour guide association, tourism products industry association, hot spring tourism association, Taiwan Quality Association, Tourism Association, tourism, Recreation Area Association and Taipei District Development Association 12. The event will be held in September 7th press conference, announced the parade route and process. Another source said that some of the industry hopes to take the parade, to reflect the authorities to respect the consensus of the 92 talks, aspirations, in order to try to restore the often glorious day. In addition, for mainland tourists to reduce, the tourism industry in Taiwan were affected by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau said to tour to the mainland propaganda to Taiwan, Chinese KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu on the afternoon of 30 television interview, said in the studio, it is very ridiculous to have the order reversed". Hong Xiuzhu said that the delegation to the mainland to Taiwan to promote tourism, which is not very funny, very childish behavior? The fundamental solution is not to be sent to the other side of soliciting or how ridiculous, "have the order reversed". For landing "soliciting", Taiwan media also pointed out earlier, does not recognize the "92 consensus", it is no use to. Hong Xiuzhu also pointed out that a ruling party should be based on the people’s livelihood, care, take care of the livelihood of the people from all walks of life, especially in the cross-strait policy, she really want to reconsider." (Chinese Taiwan Wang Siyu) editor: Qu Kun SN117相关的主题文章: