Hong Kong president at the opening ceremony against Hong Kong Independence student president provoca-doat

The Vice Chancellor at the opening ceremony of Hong Kong independence against student president provocation – Sohu the recent news of the Hongkong SAR government to prevent Hong Kong Independence into the campus, sensitive time, University of Hong Kong President Ma feisen held on the 26 day of the opening ceremony, the first clear statement does not support the Hong Kong independence". However, Sun Xiaolan, President of the University of Hong Kong in his speech openly advocating Hong Kong Independence, said the Hongkong is not China (Hong Kong is not China) remarks. University of Hong Kong President Ma Feisen of Hong Kong Management for the first time on Hong Kong Independence statement yesterday held the opening ceremony of University of Hong Kong, according to Sing Tao Daily reported that Ma feisen attended the opening ceremony, published in Hong Kong on Hong Kong Independence stance, said Hong Kong adhere to the "one country two systems" principle, including the protection of freedom of speech, management believes that "Hongkong independent" is not a practical choice, more important is not consistent with the best interests of Hong kong. He pointed out that Hong Kong was founded more than 105 years ago, is a Chinese University in the face of English, with many mainland universities have maintained close relations of cooperation, but also do not want to deviate from the mission of becoming a world-class university in asia. Mafferson stressed that Hong Kong is the cornerstone of university autonomy, academic freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, you can debate the sensitive and controversial topics, different opinions are respected, the university must be rational, free and diverse place, but accompanied by responsibility, there is no space for hatred, offend the speech and behavior, even violence, members of the university must abide by the law, take personal consequences, in this case to discuss the complex issues of health. Some analysts said that this is the first time on behalf of the Hong Kong Management on Hong Kong independence issue clear position. In recent years, HKUSU published "academy" published several times that "Hong Kong Independence" article, and therefore had to be chief executive Liang Zhenying criticized. However, students of the University of Hong Kong’s on the same occasion, the students of University of Hong Kong President Sun Xiaolan but openly advocated "Hong Kong independence". According to Wen Wei Po reported, Sun Xiaolan yesterday at the opening ceremony said, "Hongkong is not China (Hong Kong is not China)," any "the future of Hongkong," "discussion", should be encouraged, should not be banned, but in the discussion of "Hong Kong Independence" should never be "taboo". Sun Xiaolan also said in an interview with the media, respect for the position of the principal, but there are reservations about the expression. Sun Xiaolan said: I respect his personal position, but whether it is suitable for the occasion (opening ceremony) on account of his political position, I want to consider the place, he also expressed too large Hong Kong will protect the freedom of speech, wants him to do it. In addition, the Hongkong Academy for performing arts also held a ceremony on Friday, but the abolition of the student union representatives to speak on stage. Lao Zhengran, President of the Academy of performing arts, suggested that the school was politically motivated. Labor is still claiming that the future will collectively buy more sensitive books, such as the spread of Hong Kong Independence, Hongkong national theory to test the reaction of the school. Sun Xiaolan, President of University of Hong Kong, but openly advocated Hong Kong Independence Education: freshmen do not on the Hong Kong independence.相关的主题文章: