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Real-Estate . Since the apartments are constructed horizontally one floor over the other thus many residences can be built over the same plot area. Also, these apartments provide a very wide range from 1 BHK up to 5 BHK and there are more stylish forms of apartments such as studio apartments, duplexes, villaments, condominium and penthouses each having their own distinguished characteristics and features. Most of the modern apartments are provided within a full-fledged township .plex that is gated and offers many additional features and facilities. All the Modern residential townships are luxurious and have high-end specications. They offer low-rise, high-rise as well as duplex houses. Being a gated .plex the townships offer all the contemporary luxuries such as reserved parking spaces, uninterrupted supplies, heating and cooling systems, elevators and exterior areas. With such a wide variety of options provided within the apartments you could decide based on your preferences. You could either opt for a luxurious 3/4/5 BHK or if you are a bachelor you could look for a cozy studio apartment. For a status quo and ultra modern premium homes you could prefer a penthouse, villament or a condominium as well. But in case you want to live in a joint family ten the duplex house are the best options. The duplex house plans are multi-family homes which constitute of two distinct living areas separated either by floors or walls. They are known to be economical because they require fewer building materials than building two individual structures, and they conserve space by .bining two units into one structure. They can be designed and customized for personal preferences as whether you want separate entry ways for the living spaces or you want a single doorway entry. You can also choose as to whether you want the living spaces separated by floors or you want to stack them at different floors. Duplex house plans are a great option for investments as well as have great features and is space saving. The Duplex homes are designed with the outward appearance of a traditional single-family dwelling yet feature two-distinct entries and offer great privacy as per your desire. The duplex homes are quite .mon in cities/towns like Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc where there is a demand for housing but space is limited. For eg the housing demands in the NCR region are huge as it has gradually emerged as an economical hub and offers great opportunities. Thus, with continuous pouring population the area is set to get over crowded and at such areas apartments and duplex houses are a very affordable option. They offer the same good facilities and luxuries as any other single unit residence. There are many residential projects in Noida Sector 78 and various other sectors offering high-rise apartments and duplex homes. Properties like Mahagun Moderne, Sunshine Helios, Assotech Windsor Court, Nimbus Hyde Park and many others offer low rise, high rise apartments as well as duplex house plans. All these residential projects in Noida Sector 78 .e with great luxuries and .forts for a hassle free and joyful living experience. They have lots of green spaces, recreational facilities, high-end specifications, modern designs and layouts and substantiate the modern lifestyle. Buying a duplex house also offers you great advantages. The very first advantage is they are more affordable than single family homes with similar number of bathrooms, bedrooms, area and specifications. Another advantage of a duplex flats is that while living on one side of the apartment you can rent the other side and this will supplement your in.e as well as increase your home equity. You can use this home equity to borrow against. These homes offer you great privacy even if even if you are living with others of whom you need to take care of. The next thing about duplex residences is that they are a great investment. If you want to move to another property you could easily rent it and earn promising prospects. So next time if you are willing to buy a residential property a duplex house plan should be on your list for its great features and benefits offered. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: