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Hebei salt industry: " " stylus; pyrography obsession; flower   " hot " a freehand picture scroll — Hebei channel — people.com.cn original title: salt union magic stylus can flower snow figure. Once a salt works, but his hands are big and labor with the "magic" of Art: a piece of paper, a pen, can draw, after the hot burning, eight horses, 32 vigorous touches and fine strokes, Pentium vivid portraits, Qiyun vivid landscape etc. then on the. This is the "Poker", also known as the "needle embroidery", is an ancient Chinese unique painting style. These exquisite and unique paintings, from the Bohai New District, ZOJE Industrial Park, crystal mountain salt company’s ordinary worker Liu Yudong hand. His art work is very famous in the local, over the years, ZOJE and China Friendship Farm Promotion Ambassador Association annual meeting, has been highly respected foreign friends. With ten years of painstaking research pyrography, Liu Yudong 45 years old this year, is currently an employee of ZOJE crystal mountain salt company cultural station. The office is not only the place where he works, but also his art studio". After work, Liu Yudong stayed in the room studying poker. And when Liu Yudong pyrography soon, from the start. From an early age, Liu Yudong saw the elders of the family on the wood "hot" a beautiful picture, feel both novel and fun. The monasteries, he learned without teacher poker. In 2006, Liu Yudong began to contact both familiar and strange poker, a draw is ten years. At that time, Liu Yudong was a salt company, pyrography is one of his hobbies in his spare time he used to engage in the creation of all others: after lunch, lunch break, he was a person in the office work; at home, sit for five or six hours, the next morning one or two before sleep. He said: "let me just a poker addict, began making the poker, simply can not stop." Each picture Laohua works, he was heartily glad. At first, Liu Yudong is used in wood, gourd pyrography fire pliers, "I was imitating the elders approach, a little thought to." With pyrography technology, Liu Yudong’s painting tools from the fire pliers upgrades into electric iron, wood, gourd into cloth, coated paper, paper, silk. Pyrography material becomes thinner, the difficulty of painting is also more and more high. "I think many challenges, look at what can be stumped." With this drill like horn point of momentum, Liu Yudong’s increasingly skilled poker skills. Once, Liu Yudong in the curious little son pyrography, accidentally electric iron hand, which makes him very distressed. "I think the electric iron is not safe, there is no time to take care of adult week, I have to study a safe pyrograph." Liu Yudong said. With this idea, Liu Yudong will find someone to help with research and analysis. After several tests, and finally made a paintbrush. The self-made pyrograph also became his years of good partners, from 2008 onwards, to accompany him through these years. With this iron相关的主题文章: