Guizhou ASEAN logistics opens a new model of container sea rail intermodal trains in Beijing shdoclc.dll

Guizhou ASEAN logistics opens a new model of container sea rail intermodal trains – Beijing ceremony. The railway department for Beijing, Nanning in September 23, (Huang Yu Chen Yanmei) 22 reporter learned from the Nanning Railway Bureau, Southeast Asia – Zhanjiang – Guizhou intermodal train officially opened in China ASEAN maritime frontier port — Guangdong Zhanjiang international port. 21, the Nanning Railway Bureau held a train in the Zhanjiang port opening ceremony. According to reports, the first batch of more than and 260 tons of rubber imports in Southeast Asia by the Zhanjiang port directly to the railway container lifting ashore on the train to Guizhou, compared with the previous mode of transportation with little time for 2 days, cost savings of about 20%. The cross-border goods rail transport train opened, is the Nanning Railway Bureau Freight Center in Zhanjiang, Zhanjiang port group, port, ship, integration of iron goods and resources to deepen strategic cooperation. Southeast Asia imported rubber container carrier by sea to Zhanjiang, in accordance with the regional integration clearance mode to achieve rapid clearance, and then directly to the container crane to railway freight trains to Guizhou Gai Mao Railway Station, halfway without container installed and two short transfer operations, greatly reduce the comprehensive cost, realize the shipping and railway logistics seamless. Compared with the previous mode of transportation, running time savings of 2 to 3 days, the logistics cost is expected to save each box of 500 to 700 yuan, effectively saving the integrated logistics time and cost. Guangdong Zhanjiang is located in the southernmost tip of mainland China, have a natural deep-water harbor, is the main channel of goods Chinese southwest sea and the Southern China region, but also China Pan Pearl River Delta region and the ASEAN regional cooperation between the shortest sea intersection. Zhanjiang port is currently in more than and 100 countries and regions in the world. To give full play to the Zhanjiang international port back to the southwest, facing Southeast Asia Geopolitics, sea margin location transportation advantage, close cooperation of Nanning Railway Bureau and the Zhanjiang port group, port operation process optimization, to develop rail transport and logistics services. The first column of Southeast Asia – Zhanjiang – Guizhou "intermodal train after successful operation, the next step of iron, port, ship and cargo party will continue to deepen the content of cooperation, in support of the customs inspection and other government departments, increase two-way logistics supply, upgrading rail transport function layout, efforts to train the normalization of the CDB, for China ASEAN cross-border trade and logistics to provide fast, economical and efficient" one-stop "logistics services. (end)相关的主题文章: