Gangster Hit And Destroyed A Video Surveillance System Rob Kfc Fast-food

Business KFC fast-food restaurants on the first floor of huangshagang, huiqiaozhong road, Guangzhou Airport Road square meet with catastrophe. According to the police, armed robber enters shop, control staff implemented after a robbery. Sources said, the shop was robbed of some $ 10,000 in cash. Hit and destroyed a video surveillance camera system and then robbing KFC xinshi shop at huangshagang, huiqiaozhong road, and first floor of the square, corner of Trust-Mart supermarket next to. At about 6 o’clock on the day, heavy rains suspend. As usual, Kentucky Fried chicken restaurant opened on time, ready to open. "Front foot door lights, the rear foot they came in and robbed." According to sources, about when the robbery occurred at 6:10, then pony not customers patronize. Shop 5 staff has just .e to work in their busy. At this point, 3 men from the face of huangshagang, huiqiaozhong road, and square door came into the shop, open in-store staff access door on the first floor, and successfully entered the Office. "Don’t move! Rob! " A man flick knife arriving in female financial neck, a man with a black" looting "against the head, a male employees were forced to by another man was in the corner" pistol "against the "" this is currently difficult to confirm, whether the robbers were genuine or is the simulation of toy guns or gun. In brief impasse, a man found his Office monitoring camera .puter FM, will be hit and destroyed. Female finance had to be some $ 10,000 to the man in the Office. 3 man robbery succeed in less than 5 minutes, from a face out of the gate of the airport road and fled from the right. Outlaw avoid escape in a monitoring camera at 6:15, after 3 gangster left, Kentucky Fried chicken in the shop alarm (home security alarm systems). After about 5 minutes, when police officers arrived at the scene, female finance still trembling cry. According to reports, two in the kitchen staff know in-store robbery occurred only after the gangsters go, 3 staff in the Office were taken away by the police investigation after the incident. Room has two doors and out of fast food shops, a door towards a better and more in the supermarket, another one is on the square in front of the car park at the entrance. About five or six metres next to the door, is a good multi-monitoring cameras of the supermarket.Police subsequently to Trust-Mart supermarket, taking the appropriate surveillance video. However, the supermarket manager told reporters that the surveillance video is mainly used for monitoring on the square of the supermarket parking lot, Kentucky Fried chicken in front of the camera cannot be monitored (wireless spy camera). 3 men from KFC after succeeding the door right away, and not from the car park pass. In this way, you just evaded the monitoring cameras. From: phone jammer About the Author: 相关的主题文章: