Fufeng couple were killed by the child witnessed the whole process of parents killed coinwatch

Fufeng couple killed children witnessed the whole process of Sanqin daily parents were killed — Shaanxi network news (reporter Cheng Feng) in September 20th 18 PM, Fufeng County town of murder occurred: day day town village villager Wang and his wife Zhou was killed in his home. Some users reflect the murderer is in the face of the child will be killed by their parents, the child was spared. The child cried: "the murderer with a foot long knife to kill my mom and dad." Netizen Fufeng red apple broke the news, said: this afternoon, the murder occurred, the two holes in the home during the day was killed." Reporters learned from the Fufeng public security bureau. According to the local people, in the afternoon of two Wang just send their children home, there is a man trailing into the implementation of Wang stabbed two people, the knife in the neck, his knife in the abdomen, 9 year old children survived. According to reports, Wang, 31 years old, had served as a soldier in Guizhou, for many years outside. The time of the incident, the eye disease can not see the father in the street outside the mother, a bag of apples in the orchard unloading. 21 at noon, Baoji Fufeng County Public Security Bureau official micro-blog released case notification: "18:36 on September 20, 2016, my bureau received a public warning, day of day of town village villager Wang and his wife Zhou was killed in his home, I quickly organized police force to carry out preliminary investigation, Cha Mingyan an extension of the county rural villagers Moumou black Chilei there is a major suspect. Overnight arrangements of police officers to the extension of the county to implement the arrest, the suspect Moumou black on the early morning of September 21st to extend the County Public Security Bureau to. Currently, the case is under further investigation."相关的主题文章: