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UnCategorized The problem of how it’s possible to get free centered website traffic starts with having a plan of attack and then being consistent when you implement it. Too many online marketers, especially green ones are fed the solution in pieces rather than the .plete blueprint and in this article, we’ll outline a plan you can put into application right away and increase both the free traffic numbers to your site and your rankings. Presuming you have got a website you want to promote here is a six step process to get high quality links back to your website. How It’s Possible To Get Free targeted Website Traffic Bum marketing This is the least expensive and best technique to get centered free traffic back to your internet site as well as quality one way links. This may be the 1st methodology you implement. Target one keyword at a time and then write and article around it and submit it to article directories. We suggest Ezine Articles first and when it’s licensed, submit it to Articles Base, concept Marketers and Go Articles. Change the title and sub news for each submission. This is time intensive and we won’t sugar coat the truth here. To get effective results one article will not cut it. You must be producing at least an article a day for the first two months and then backing it off a bit from there. The more articles you have out there the more traffic you will generate and remember, articles are like a gang of salespeople never sleeping and continually selling you and your product. Bookmark Articles Once the articles are approved use a bookmarking service such as Onlywire to bookmark them which vehicle syndicates your content to several of the Net’s top networking sites. Build Web 2 Properties Creating web 2 properties is a dynamic way to leverage off the back of high ranking internet site platforms and get more quality links back to your main site. The content you have already written wants to be re-written and then used to make pages at many web 2 platforms. We re.mend that you .mence with Squidoo, heart Pages, Wetpaint, Blogspot, Weebly and Wikidot and use these sites to link back to your principal site. Be careful not to make obvious sales spiels with these services and never more than 2 links per article. For center Pages, watch out not to link to the same site more often than once. Bookmark Again Once these sites are successfully running again use Onlywire to bookmark the pages you create as well as your profile pages. RSS And Pinging Once these sites are made employ a free service like Pingoat to ping these sites. Then submit your RSS feeds. This includes the feeds from the article directories and web two sites. There are many RSS aggregators online to submit to and we promote you submit to Feedage, Feedagg, Feedraider, Icerocket, Feedplex and Goldenfeed at first. You might be required to create accounts at a few of these sources. In fact, you must create accounts at the bookmarking services you use. This does seem like a lot of work and it is but it results and will increase free targeted website traffic. This kind of promotion should be staggered over a period of two weeks initially and then less frequent on a monthly basis. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: