Four Reasons for a Tenant to Hire a Lawyer

When someone is renting a property from a landlord, many times they do not realize that they have certain rights as a tenant. When those rights are violated, sometimes it is best to turn to a lawyer who knows about things such as chicago tenant rights to help a renter with their difficulty. Below are some of the instances when a renter might want to turn to a lawyer for help.

When Their Landlord is Evicting Them

When a tenant is being evicted and they believe that they are being evicted erroneously, this is a good time to hire a lawyer. It can help the tenant increase their chances of succeeding. They should look for a lawyer who’s knowledgeable about the law for landlords and tenants. They also should have a lot of experience with fighting evictions.

When Their Landlord’s Evicting Them Without the Proper Procedures

There are proper procedures for eviction that landlords have to follow. If a landlord is trying to evict a tenant without togging through the court, either by locking the tenant out, cancelling their utilities or removing possessions, the tenant should consider getting a lawyer. These remedies aren’t legal. It doesn’t matter how strong the landlord’s case is against the tenant. There are proper ways to do things.

The Landlord is Discriminating Against the Tenant

When a tenant believes that their landlord is discriminating against him or her, they may need to hire a lawyer in order to stop this illegal action and help the tenant recover the damages for the harm the tenant suffered. There are a couple of options that the tenant has – suing the landlord, filing a complaint with HUD, or filing a complaint with FHAP. Either way it’s a good idea for a tenant to speak with a lawyer to get advice on how to proceed.

When the Landlord’s Withholding a Security Deposit

When the security deposit of the tenant is being withheld, the best thing that a tenant can do is hire a security deposit lawyer. They specifically deal with problems with security deposits and can help a tenant with getting their deposit back.

These are just a few of the instances in which a tenant might want to hire a lawyer. Many people are renters and have no problems with their landlords, but for those who have issues, the law is on their side.