Formal Dinnerware Plan And Host A Potluck Dinner

Home-and-Family A potluck dinner party is one of the most rewarding social gatherings you can have. There’s something beautiful about bringing your friends together and having them each contribute a dish; it creates conversation and .munity. Potluck dinner parties with formal dinnerware are always fun and festive occasions, and the variety of food brings discussion, joy and laughter. Potluck dinners also make life easier for you, too, as the host: you don’t have to spend the whole day stressing and slaving away over a hot stove cooking enough dishes for all your guests. Here are some tips for planning and hosting a successful dinner potluck party with your finest formal dinnerware: 1. Send out the invitations Write up an email or create a Facebook event or invite, and send out the invitations to your potluck dinner party. Think about what you want everyone to bring. You could ask everyone to email you or indicate on the Facebook event page what they would like to bring. Or, you could go one step further and create a spreadsheet and indicate that you require a nice balance of hors d’oeuvres, salads, desserts, side dishes, drinks, etc. Then, your guests can mark their names off against a course, and indicate what they will bring. This way, you can monitor the spreadsheet and ensure that you get the right spread of food, and don’t end up with five cakes and no salad! 2. Make the main course Oftentimes, the host of the potluck dinner party will make the main course if you’re preparing the main, tell your guests what it is in the invitation to your potluck dinner party. The main course should be hot and substantial, something like a roast chicken, roast turkey, or a leg of ham presented on a formal dinnerware dish. It can be difficult for your guests to transport a main course like this, so it makes sense that the host provides it. 3. Set the table Even though potluck dinners have a reputation for being informal occasions, it’s always nice to bring out your formal dinnerware for your guests to use. Paper or plastic plates and forks can be notoriously difficult to balance on laps, so make it easy for your guests by bringing out your best Godinger crockery and cutlery to make the evening a little bit special. Make sure you clear a long table and spread a tablecloth over it and ask your guests to deposit their dishes on it when they arrive. Have a smaller, separate table for the desserts and drinks. 4. Confirm with your guests A week prior to your potluck dinner, be sure to send a group email or Facebook message to your guests and ask them to confirm that they are still .ing, and bringing what they have indicated they will bring. This way, you can make any last minute adjustments to the menu, ask people to bring more or alternate food if needed, and ensure you set out the right amount of formal dinnerware on the night! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: