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Feng Mingchao Ye Zuxin led "shiquanshimei" staged fake Infernal Affairs – Feng Mingchao Ye Zuxin led the Sohu entertainment "shiquanshimei" staged fake infernal Sohu entertainment news the day before, by Feng Mingchao, Ye Zuxin starred in the TV series "shiquanshimei" in Xiamen starting. The Feng Mingchao incarnation as a successful business in order to use unscrupulous divisive tactics madman, and "savior" Ye Zuxin staged a "fake" Infernal affairs. The play, Feng Mingchao played with HTC and his friend Wu You (Ye Zuxin ornaments) into the society the moment he embarked on a different path, "Ye Zuxin is not a bushel of rice bow" thought is always forced to draw further apart the idea of success and Feng Mingchao. By Feng Mingchao "drinking alcohol poisoning" incident broke out, Ye Zuxin found the hidden mystery behind, and closely related with food safety violations, the brothers became their biggest enemy, Feng Mingchao also gradually fall into sin, the abyss of evil…… "Shiquanshimei" single Mingchao Feng and Ye Zuxin two handsome Yan values will capture many girls heart, then the two plus mutual whirlwind acting, for there is no absolute black nor absolute white human interpretation, will be the biggest surprise of the.相关的主题文章: