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Feng Ke apologized to Jane Zhang mother long response property – Sohu entertainment Jane Zhang and mother of       Sohu entertainment news media reported that Jane Zhang and her boyfriend Feng Ke will marry in Italy on November 8th news, then not long in Chengdu, Jane Zhang’s mother, Ms. Zhang Guiying and "all star" made contact commissioned by the "all star exploration" issued an open letter to the public. In this handwritten letter, Ms. Zhang Guiying discovered the amazing insider, Feng Ke alleged son-in-law cheat Jane Zhang as a "mistress", to Jane Zhang and her company, and said that Feng Ke is not a daughter life of man, clearly opposed to Jane Zhang and Feng Ke’s marriage. In the afternoon, Feng Ke released a long micro-blog response. Feng Ke is as follows: in life, I have to call my mother together with Liangying, but in order to facilitate reading, I in the response to Liangying’s mother call. First of all, I would like to apologize to Liangying mother, let her into a storm, the community for the gossip chase effect, will disturb the lives of the elderly. Secondly, I have six points to explain: first, with the mother of the wedding venue and the time to hold the communication has been, but we do not have the official invitation letter. Has also been in contact with her mother on the marriage related matters, Liangying hopes to use time with sincerity to get her mother’s blessing. Yesterday, the media’s first release is purely accidental, originally we want to low-key wedding is the result of the media yesterday was the first exposure. It can be said that all of our friends and family are also learned from the media, in this together with friends and family to apologize. Two, on property issues. I have been in November 25, 2015, after the Beijing HanKun law firm Feng Ke marriage notary, all property, are attributed to Jane Zhang and Feng Ke all together, so less city times the equity change or not, does not affect me and Liangying two people’s property ownership. (see Annex)   Feng Ke micro-blog screenshot von   screenshot micro-blog; screenshot micro-blog     micro-blog screenshot three, is still about the property issue. As early as we do the property notarization before a "accidental death" I will personally written many years ago clearly stipulates: if an accident after the death of Feng Ke, the name of all heritage, all belong to Jane Zhang. This will originally belong to the top secret documents, but Liangying’s mother in the summer of 2014 in my safe to see the document, Liangying himself was a common witness. This document is also officially announced to the public today. Four, about the end of my last marriage. After many clarification, today, once again declared: I was separated from my ex-wife in 2002, after a divorce agreement, each of their own lives, and in 2005 formally for divorce procedures. I lived with my parents during the separation. Liangying and I met in 2003, just to appreciate her at first, thinking that she would only be a friend, and I began to say that I was divorced from all my friends!相关的主题文章: