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FAW car in the first three quarters of net profit loss of more than 700 million of the annual income or low innovation reporter Wang Beijing reported recently, FAW car (000800.SZ) released the company’s three quarter earnings. Although the third quarter operating income grew 21.08%, amounted to 6 billion 510 million yuan, but in 2016 1 to September, FAW car is still "keep going by painstaking effort, the overall operating income of 15 billion 1 million yuan, down 21.63%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies -7.16 billion yuan; basic earnings per share -0.4398 yuan. In contrast, FAW car 2015 annual report, although down 21.25%, but when the company operating income can reach 26 billion 664 million yuan. In the last quarter of the rest of this year, FAW car increased 116 more than 100 million yuan of revenue is almost impossible, it can also predict, FAW car this year operating income will be low. This is not the first time this year, FAW car performance loss situation. This year, FAW car has issued a notice that the first half of 2016 operating income of 8 billion 491 million yuan, down by 38.31%, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of -8.26 billion. At that time, talked about the reasons for the loss of performance, FAW said, "although the first half of the domestic passenger car to maintain steady growth, but year-on-year decline, the company’s main products focus on car market segments, the decline in the growth rate of intensified market competition; in addition, the company sales in the first half of the products are old models, market competition gradually declines. Product sales and sales revenue decreased, resulting in the current operating performance loss." In fact, this statement from the official sales data released by the FAW car is also evident – this year, 1-9 months, total sales of 116 thousand passenger cars, a decrease of up to 29.95%. For the first half of the dismal performance of FAW car, chairman and general manager An Tiecheng has said publicly that the second half of the year, FAW car will be based on the policy to seize the opportunity, innovation, quality and efficiency, and strive to improve product quality and management ability, and to accelerate the launch of new products (CX-4, new Pentium B50), make the greatest efforts to boost the operating efficiency." However, in July of this year, after the new Pentium B50 listing sales did not appear, the first month of the market sales of only 771 vehicles in September sales also did not have a major breakthrough, only rose to 1629, a decrease of up to 76.18%. In contrast, the Pentium brand’s SUV models, lower sales side also shows that the decline in the performance of the FAW sedan is not entirely due to the car market bleak due. With high hopes of the new Pentium SUV models X80 as an example, listing in September monthly sales of only 2728 vehicles, up 35.57% year-on-year decline; in the independent brand SUV models now blossom everywhere, the new Pentium X80 sales data is not optimistic, the sales decline also restricts the profitability of FAW car. In fact, the FAW car’s Pentium brand sales accounted for the highest, up to 56 of the total sales of FAW car相关的主题文章: