Face book Oolong Zuckerberg and millions of users were killed pppd-175

Face book Oolong: Zuckerberg and millions of users "death" original title: Facebook Zuckerberg Oolong feisibuke American social media face book 11 sudden oolong, approximately 2 million users of "death", even the website founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was not spared. Facebook spokesman told reporters that the Agence France-Presse, a short period of time, the memory of the dead information is false in many user’s personal files on the page. "This is a serious error and has been corrected." Such a small bundle of Oolong on personal page: "I hope to share for Mark · by everyone; Zuckerberg recalls with appreciation the past life, to love him." Many users have a message such as mourning for gospel truth, "poor Mark", "this kind of thing should not happen in a good people". There are users on their own death expressed dissatisfaction. One user wrote, "Damn, I really should have used Facebook to show how I’m dead."." Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site, about 1 billion 700 million monthly active accounts. However, due to its laissez faire false news and false information dissemination and spread of criticism. Zuckerberg 10 in the United States, California, a science and technology economic conference, denied that the face book to spread false news to assist the president of the presidency of the impact of the attack on the "". He said, "Facebook is not real news release accounted for only a very small part of information, to identify these false news to influence the election statement is simply crazy." According to Xinhua news agency editor: Li Ran相关的主题文章: