Express mail to the lucky draw in 1 million The police don’t believe Sohu old-fashioned scam

Express mail to the lucky draw in 1 million? Police: old scam don’t believe Sohu news new culture news (reporter Xing Yang) "elder sister, I received an e-mail, which is a lottery card, I was 1 million, I study how to accept the award!" "Really?" The dialogue between Changchun occurred in September 15th, two sisters. In September 16th, the netizen said in a news release, aunt received a letter express, opened a scratch awarding and notarization materials, scratch a look, two prize 1 million yuan! The new cultural reporter linked to the users, he said, aunt received a lottery card reads "Beijing Jiuzhitang health care Limited by Share Ltd 23 glorious anniversary celebration", and a "Beijing Fengtai District Notary Office of the notary book", "my aunt was very excited, will call my mother." So, there is the beginning of the dialogue section. But then, the netizen’s father said a word, let the sisters wake up: "net nonsense, a lie, you also believe? Did you buy their products? How about sending you a lottery card?" "What we’re thinking about is where did the crooks know our address and phone number?" In the online search found that the lottery is a scam, the user and his family began to reflect on. The net friend’s mother said, when we go to the square dance, often people send souvenirs, such as towels, soap or something, but asked us to leave the name, contact information and address." After a few souvenirs, she often received inexplicable telemarketing calls. For example, the treatment of diabetes, the promotion of health care products, the phone is particularly enthusiastic, and asked us to participate in activities or ‘lectures’, before the phone also specially stressed that there are souvenirs." She thought that it must be the people who had leaked their contact information. It is understood that the notary office of Beijing, Beijing has been renamed the first good notary office, the staff said that the phone is not a lucky draw on their phone call. In recent years, they often received the "Beijing honyaradoh health products company anniversary winning telephone consultation. "We have never done this kind of health care products company has been notarized, after receiving the call will remind the masses, do not be deceived." Staff said. The new cultural reporter learned through the search, the Limited by Share Ltd is the national key Jiuzhitang medicine enterprises, under the jurisdiction of a number of subsidiaries, but did not draw on the card referred to "Beijing Jiuzhitang health care Limited by Share Ltd" or "Beijing Jiuzhitang Limited by Share Ltd". The company’s customer service staff said that they had never had a similar sweepstakes, I hope you do not be fooled. A police said from the police for years, this type of scam belongs to the old Telecom scam, the fraud often elderly. Each of these draw cards can win, are basically two prize, will not be particularly prominent, but the winning amount but many. Because of discrimination ability and awareness of the elderly poor, easy to be "awards" are often more easily deceived become dizzy with success. In fact, this type of deception is easy to prevent, as long as remember not cheap, the sky will not fall, will not be.相关的主题文章: