Experts say domestic waste incineration is the direction and trend (video)

Experts say the garbage incineration is the direction and trend of the newspaper news (reporter Gao Le Wang Haipeng) the morning of November 5th, in accordance with the municipal government work arrangements, garbage harmless treatment in Xi’an City special lectures held in the municipal government circular hall. Deputy director, invited lectures of the central population resources and Environment Committee of experts, the State Council special allowance Committee, the Ministry of construction for the sustainable development of resources and Environment Committee of experts for chief engineer of Ministry of construction of municipal utility industry experts environmental health expert committee members of the group, China Institute of city construction Co., Xu Haiyun, entitled "the opportunities and challenges facing the garbage disposal city to teach. Responsible comrades of the Municipal People’s Congress and the municipal government, municipal CPPCC, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the leaders and departments, district (county) committee, the National People’s Congress, the government, the CPPCC and the development zone is mainly responsible comrades in charge of responsible comrades, city life garbage treatment project leading group members of the unit responsible comrades in charge of the responsible comrades and all the staff of the office of the leading group in the city, some of the media units responsible person, the main person in charge of the relevant county propaganda and law, petition, development and reform, land, environmental protection, construction, planning, urban management and other departments, a total of more than 230 leading cadres attended the lecture. Xu Haiyun, chief engineer from why the development of living garbage disposal project, the development process of domestic and international living garbage disposal garbage incineration equipment and technology, NIMBY and hot issues, garbage harmless treatment in the future development of five aspects of the detailed data, vivid examples, distinctive views and the wonderful exposition, so participants further profound understanding to the current our country each city, especially the urgency, necessity and safety of Xi’an city facing the garbage disposal plight and development of living garbage disposal project, the participants thought more clearly, we determined to promote garbage incineration confidence and determination. He stressed in Teaching: at present, domestic waste incineration technology matures, the implementation of emission standards is the world’s most stringent EU standards. Whether international or domestic, developed countries or developing countries, domestic waste incineration is the direction and trend, the state is also to support and encourage. After the end of the lecture, Xu Haiyun, chief engineer, and some of the city’s municipal departments and districts and counties responsible comrades conducted in-depth discussion and exchange, to answer the problems encountered in the work to promote. Since our city Jiang cungou landfill was run for 22 years, has been the only city life garbage disposal facilities at the terminal, garbage daily processing capacity of about 8500 tons, according to the prediction of landfill capacity and processing capacity at present, even after the completion of the four phase of the expansion project is only to be used for more than 3 years. In order to avoid the problem of "garbage besieged city", it is urgent to speed up the construction of harmless disposal project of domestic garbage. City life garbage treatment project leading group for the city’s cadres and workers to firmly establish the "chess game" ideas, take the initiative to understand the relevant knowledge of garbage harmless treatment, the active participation of relevant publicity and construction?相关的主题文章: