Eryuan grasp the protection of Erhai and the development of ecological agriculture to achieve a win- yuria

Eryuan Erhai catch protection and ecological agriculture development to achieve a win-win situation – Yunnan channel — original title: Eryuan to Erhai protection and ecological agriculture development to achieve a win-win situation in recent years, Eryuan county government to firmly establish the "Eryuan net, Er Haiqing, Dali Xing" "chess" concept, has always been to create a "green Eryuan, ecological Eryuan" as the development of eco agricultural plateau characteristics focus firmly and realistically, out of a Erhai protection and ecological agriculture development and win-win way. Eryuan is a large agricultural county, the territory of Niujie, the three battalion, Cibihu, Feng Yu, right, Deng Chuan Township Erhai River six township, solve the non-point source pollution is one of the key measures to Erhai protection and governance. In the development of the strategic Eryuan county government station, innovative ideas, focus on the long term, the Erhai governance and protection of the development of the plateau characteristics of ecological agriculture combine with the masses of the safety and quality of green food needs as an opportunity to co-ordinate the Erhai River Basin agricultural non-point source pollution, vigorously develop the green ecological agriculture, create 35 thousand acres green food raw materials (rice) in the county standardized production base, planning radiation source of Erhai 100 thousand acres of green rice production, green development path, to promote Eryuan’s development of ecological agriculture industrialization, industry ecological development, and ultimately achieve the goal of Erhai total protection, agricultural development and farmers’ income, business efficiency, safety and consumption the continuous improvement of the ecological environment. In green food raw materials (rice) standardized production base of the creation process, Eryuan county always adhere to the government, do strong bibcock and concentrated, the scale of development and green food certification docking, diversified investment, economic benefits, ecological benefits and social benefits of the principle of unity, focus on the focus of the current agricultural and rural governance and protection of Erhai economic work, the full implementation of green rice standardization production, the implementation of the whole production process quality control; promote regional distribution, industrialization and standardization of production and market development of agricultural products, improve agricultural production capacity, enhance the market competitiveness of agricultural products, promoting the development of modern agriculture; to provide high-quality raw materials for green food processing enterprises the green food industry, promote the comprehensive and rapid development, will be built in Eryuan green agricultural products in Yunnan province famous Production base in the county, the maximum extent to reduce agricultural non-point source pollution, improve water quality in the Haihe River area. (Yang Shuxing Zhao Shuangru) (Zhu Hongxia, Sheng Yu wood: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: