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Health Quit Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes Smoking cigarettes is a deadly habit. t’s a fact that smoking causes lung cancer among smokers and second hand smoke can also cause this dread disease in people exposed to cigarette smoke. Although smokers are aware of the dangers, they still smoke cigarettes because cigarettes are addictive. Are You Desperately Trying to Quit Smoking? Millions and millions of people around the world are smokers and sadly many young people are picking up the habit. With the alarm raised on the dangers of smoking, many are trying to quit smoking but only a few of can make it. If you are among those desperately trying hard to quit, you must have tried everything – nicotine patches, nicotine gums, and hypnosis – but to no avail. Or you must have been able to quit for a week or a month but could not resist a smoke after a cup of coffee and you are back to square one, you need help to quit smoking. Don’t give up yet. The new electronic cigarettes can help you get rid of the habit. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing the one thing that just might get you off your addiction. It might seem a bit ridiculous but the stuff is real and rabid smokers have testified that they have quit after using these rechargeable cigarettes. How Does An Electronic Cig Work? Electronic cigarettes, also known as E-Cigarettes look and feel like your favorite brand and amazingly taste like it. This was originally released in May of 2004 by a Beijing-based electronic .pany. The electronic cigarette was designed to give smokers the satisfaction of smoking an actual cigarette but without its usual harmful side-effects. The electronic cigarettes, being smokeless, can be smoked anywhere without being reprimanded or triggering sensitive smoke alarms found in most establishments. Some people might be wondering how they are going to stop smoking by using E-Cigarettes. Well, for one thing, if you are smoke E-Cigarettes instead of real cigarettes you are not inhaling smoke and carcinogens known to cause cancer. Smokers will instead be inhaling nicotine vapor released by an atomizer in the electronic cigarette and eventually you will be quitting the habit or good. The E-Cigarettes are known to be more effective in giving smokers a nicotine fix .pared to nicotine patches and gums. The inhaled nicotine vapor satisfies the nicotine craving in seconds unlike patches and gums that satisfies your nicotine craving in minutes. The initial investment of $70 or $200 may be steep if you let the math speak. The numbers will show that it is cheaper in the long run .pared to traditional cigarettes. So if you are a smoker and desperately trying to quit, electronic cigarettes might just be the answer to your prayers. Plus, electronic cigs are generally cheaper than actual cigarettes, and minus the tar and carcinogens. These can either be disposable or rechargeable. It’s up to you to choose which type or brand you will be trying. Be wary of imitations only use trusted and popular brands of E-Cigarettes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: