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Movies-TV Are you a music artist, looking for different ways to drive traffic to your website? With millions of music artists and singers around the world it is hard to turn the attention of the audience, but still online promotion of video can swarm visitors to your video and music site. Online promotion includes marketing your video through video sharing websites and social networking websites. Below you will find some tips which will be of great help to drive many people to your videos. Video sharing websites It is one of the best ways to share your videos and there are different popular video sharing websites like Metacafe, Youtube videos, vidiopia, etc. Music and video lovers regularly browse these websites to find out their favorite songs. It has be.e the hot spot for both music listeners as well as the artist. They have different categories including activism, business, .edy, education, film and animation, funny, how to, movie trailers, music, news, non profits & charity, politics, science & technology, style & fashion and many more. Most of these video sharing sites allow you to upload videos for free and these free videos are visible to millions of audience around the world. Distributing your videos to different sharing websites can drive huge amount of traffic to your website. It is not enough if you just add the video to your promotional or sharing site, you must skillfully expose it to maximum number of people. Videos must have an interesting and catchy title which can grab the attention of audiences easily. You can also include a catchy thumbnail or a small image of the video album and this will encourage the viewers to click the videos and watch it. Social Me During the recent years social media has be.e the market place, these websites are frequently visited by different walks of people. It is easy to sell out products or grab the attention of fans through these sites. You can share your music video and other albums and reach significant numbers of people within a short span of time. Moreover when you post your music or video on sharing site like Youtube or Vidiopia you can ask the audience to subscribe to your channel. Video sharing websites also have feature for people to sign up, you can ask people to subscribe to your channel. Lastly, ask viewers to .ment so that they can post their views. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: