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Book-Reviews Easter Sunday plays a significant role for the Christians as it a great religious feast for them. According to them two days after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, he rose from his dead on this day only. Therefore, this day is also being termed as the ‘3rd day’ of crucifixion, together with the day when he was crucified. So, this is a very holy occasion for the Christians and it is being celebrated all over the world. However, nowadays, this has been the festival of the non-Christians too. The period of between late March and late April is the time when this festival is being celebrated. It generally, follows the cycle of the moon. So, are you ready to celebrate the Easter Sunday 2009? This is being considered to be the festival of love and friendship and therefore, people believes in gifting each other on this occasion. Always new Easter gift ideas are being found to be invented by people and this makes this festival really very colorful and pleasant. There is no age bound in gifting each other and you can gift anyone anything that suits him/her. Sometimes the price of the things you are presenting does not matter. What matters most is your love and the feeling with which it is being given. You can gift your dear ones flowers, other things that can be of good use or else any food stuff cooked by you. Greeting cards also are one of the best medium to express your feelings for the person. This season is being symbolized by Easter eggs. Easter eggs decorations are considered to be one of the popular symbols in the whole world and hence, these are a perfect gift too. Easter bunny would be another best gift idea. In this way, you can make the Easter Sunday 2009 very special and memorable occasion of your life. The Easter season has nowadays extended to fifty days and therefore, there is no end to celebrations and funs. The first week of this season is being termed as the ‘Easer Week’. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: