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Careers-Employment If you own a computer and have access to the Internet you can earn cash with affiliate programs. How? Many companies are willing to pay you a small profit to send people to their website. When you stop and think it is understandable. They can save a lot of money on advertising dollars and get targeted traffic to their website. In fact they will more than likely get more traffic than if they had advertised themselves, but for a fraction of the costs. You may be asking yourself why anyone would come to your site rather than go directly to the web page directly. Well there are many reasons but I will list a few of the main ones below: * It cost them nothing extra to use your site. * Many times you will be able to offer discounts and rebates. * You have the ability to offer researched programs helping eliminate the scam artists that are looking to prey on unsuspecting web surfers. * You can offer articles explaining about the products and services they may be looking for. As you can see it’s a win-win situation for everybody and the better job you do the more times people will return to your site to shop. Do you have to have a website? Good question. No you don’t! You can join many affiliate programs and simply advertise you affiliate link. When they go to the Wal-mart page you will get credit for any sales that may occur. Of course it’s better in my opinion if you do have a web page, because many times people will come back to your site over and over again. Okay let’s get down to the basic process of running an ad. You can either use (PPC) Paid per click advertising, free advertising or both. You simply put and ad either on the web, a bulletin board, newsletters, etc offering the product or service you offer. You give them a web link that contains your affiliate code. When they use that link the companies know that this customer is coming from you. They will then pay you at the end of the pay period, which is usually each month for any sales you may have. Many times people who chat or post on forums will add their affiliate links to their signature, which drives free business to the companies. The bottom line is the more your links are clicked the more money you will make. How easy is that? Some companies will pay you when someone request free information about their programs. Think about how easy that is. Someone clicks on a link, requests a free information package and you get paid either way. Think about how easy the process is. Once you have the ads up and running you can simply sit back and wait for the sales. How nice is that? You can go to the beach or on a nice vacation and be making money while you are away. When you get up in the morning you can check to see what sales you have had while you were sleeping. It takes a little time to get you links out there in huge numbers, but you can see the possibilities. It’s a great way to earn extra cash. Please feel free to read both this article or one of my many others by visiting my link in the resource box below. I always enjoy getting emails pertaining to my articles or my site. Your feedback is important to me. I wish you the very best! About the Author: Michael Comeau has been owner of many successful businesses over the years including his current online business which can be viewed at .www.workfromhome4dollars.com/Article-Earn-Cash-Running-Ads-Online.php – You may also find more articles by Michael Comeau at ..workfromhome4dollars.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: