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Diamond group: fed pigeon hawk difficile market confusion even five black gold clients view the latest market since Tuesday fed into the quiet period, officials and investors expect the pigeon hawk ones, the world will face monetary stimulus reduction situation, and down-regulation of IEA demand is expected, so that the poor prospects of supply and demand, oil prices fell, dragged down the stock market fell. Involvement in a stronger dollar, the Fed’s internal differences still exist on whether to raise interest rates during the year, the price of gold under pressure continued to shock down, COMEX12 month gold futures fell $1.90, or 0.1%, the fifth consecutive decline, the highest since June, the longest losing streak in the cycle, at $1323.70 an ounce, the highest since September 1st closing low. [1] the fundamental analysis of recent speeches of many Fed officials, their words, Eagle pigeon taste, the lack of clear direction field?. Goldman Sachs said that the current lack of signal is meaningful, if the authorities want to raise interest rates, will take the initiative to guide the market expectations, that is, when the September is not shot. The bank is expected to raise interest rates in September to 25% from the opportunity to reduce interest rate hike in December from the opportunity to rise to 4 by 3 to 40%. The federal agency, said the Wall Street Journal reporter Jon Hilsenrath, former chief economist also wrote that the Fed did not reach a consensus on a strong increase in September, tend to wait until the end of the year to raise interest rates. 2 days before the Bureau official speech pigeon, so that the United States is expected to raise interest rates down, interest rate futures markets reflect the opportunity to raise interest rates in September 22%, December 3 opportunities for the 56% International Energy Agency (IEA) said in a report Tuesday, the global oil demand growth slowed sharply, plus stock and a surge in the supply of oil, that city will maintain a glut at least in the first half of next year. The report said that this year’s global refinery capacity utilization rate of growth is expected to hit the lowest in at least 10 years, which will curb demand for crude oil, and the organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) countries in oil inventories, it rose to a record high of 3 billion 111 million barrels. 4 of the world’s largest gold ETF–SPDRGoldTrust, 913 gold holdings amounted to 935.49 tons, 4.45 tons less than the previous. 5 Wednesday event data: 16:30 UK August unemployment rate, UK August jobless claims, the UK in July three months ILO unemployment rate; 17:00 euro zone July industrial output rate, Swiss September ZEW investor confidence index; 20:30 U.S. August import price index; 22:30 America to September 9th week EIA crude oil inventories. Technical analysis] gold prices continued to rebound on Tuesday, the lowest came to $1313. On line, yesterday, fell, the exact average fell 10, with KD on the show to architecture, or have the opportunity to continue after the callback, from 6 at the end of the referendum, gold began a long finish, graphic display since the 100 day moving average and July dropped rangebound pressure line, or have the opportunity to explore the 100 day moving average, but the future strength of the dollar index, gold price will be at stake, material support 1315, $1305, down 1320, 1 pressure.相关的主题文章: