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"Descendants of the dragon" argument is wrong? Expert: the bear is the God of the East Asian continent – Sohu news news agency in Shanghai on 7 October, (Wang Ji) in 7 of the above lectures, Chinese literary academy of Social Sciences Institute Professor, China myth Association Ye Shuxian said, "we" descendants of the dragon ", but claimed to be ancient without this argument. In ancient times, bears were the gods of the East Asian continent." Ye Shuxian told reporters that the "close" found "Literary Anthropology and four evidence" support, including documents, text, oral and intangible cultural heritage, unearthed cultural relics and images. The modern concept of bear, there is great discrepancy compared with ancient Chinese mythology, "Lord God, occupies the central position is a" God bear "; all the king on the throne of the moment are called" Bear King ", Sima Qian recorded a total of more than twenty" Bear King "; now the West of Hexi corridor the Wei Jin tomb," bear "is a row of;" intangible cultural heritage ", the Hezhen has come up with a collection of generations with skin sewn the bear totem, ye said. In fact, Chinese totem culture is broad and profound, in addition to "bear" this kind of animal totem, as well as plant totem, digital totem, totem and other characters. According to the "four pieces of evidence", the totem myth of China has a history of more than eight thousand years, more than double the history of written records. The material is not enough, but there must be." Ye Shuxian said. According to Ye Shuxian recalled, in the 80s of last century, China has seen a burst of totem fever, there are ten kinds of books in the name of the totem, the twenty, but then subsided. People who write Totem now are few, and they are rich in searching for a multi national totem. In this regard, the Chinese Academy of social sciences has done a special study of ethnic literature, a variety of animals in the minority nationalities for the number of totem, have been listed in the form." "The study of Chinese totem myth, the significance lies in the origin of the culture of seeking the origin of the ancestors, the root of the culture in what place, with the early heritage of the totem myth is closely related." Ye Shuxian said. When it comes to the media had previously revealed the Chinese totem movie plan, Ye Shuxian told reporters that there has been substantial progress, is getting the script, with jade culture. Jade totem is one of the most important totem of Chinese civilization." (end)相关的主题文章: