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Dazhou electronic eye test run 18 days to shoot hundreds of illegal police said that Sichuan Dazhou online news (Li Zexi reporter Xu Lisha) Dazhou driver not! Just 18 days, the city of Dazhou test run electronic police took the about one million traffic violations. Recently, the Dazhou Municipal Public Security Bureau to deal with the principles of these illegal traffic data collection. During the October 2016 Dazhou urban intelligent traffic management command system test, public security departments to implement the education warning processing of traffic violations of the system acquisition system; next month after the formal operation, the serious traffic violations on the system records the punishment according to law, the implementation of the "warning" of minor traffic violations; in December 1st, the traffic control department of the public security system records of traffic violations will be punished according to law. To more effectively regulate traffic behavior, in October this year, the intelligent traffic management system in Dazhou city the first phase of the project entered the test phase, the motor vehicle in violation of the prohibition of marking, do not follow the guide lane, red light, retrograde dynamic traffic violations to capture. According to local media reports, October 1st to 18, the system has captured about one million traffic violations. The traffic police department summary of the 4 traffic violations statistics: 36936 (red light in 171 directions, each direction per day on average 13); focus on the Phoenix Avenue overpass west (a new hockey), Tongchuan Road, Zhangjiawan Road intersection, South Dam Road intersection, Willow Road, College Road intersection. According to the guide lanes car (464778 in each direction per day on average 151); in Jinlan road and Longquan Road intersection, Chaoyang Road (Pengfei Road) and Yangpingguan Road intersection (State Grain junctions), Chaoyang Road and Jinshan Road intersection (West Railway Station), Jinlan road and Yongxing Road intersection etc.. Line 569430 (average 185 per day in each direction); Chaoyang Road and road intersection, Jinlong Jinlan Avenue and Jinshan Road intersection, Bauhinia Road and Yongxing Road intersection, Laifeng road and Wood Street Wenhua street intersection, Tongchuan road and Derek Road intersection, Hanxing street and prosperous street intersection. 9234 (every day retrograde direction from an average of 3); concentrated in Wan Hing Road, Ping Road, South Lane, Bauhinia Road and Baita Road intersection, Chaoyang Road, Grand View Park Road and street intersection Lotus Street, North Street and hannchen Wanda Road intersection. Dazhou traffic police to remind the driver friend: strict compliance with safety regulations, and resolutely resist traffic violations, consciously abandon driving habits, and strive to become a good driver in Dazhou, and jointly create a standardized and orderly traffic environment, safe and smooth construction, beautiful happiness. A week: the real white Formica thermal Club basketball baby milk white corrupt life Xu Dongdong bomb hit Deyang street now eat poisonous Datura basketball baby swimsuit show legs show good figure middle-aged man about 16 95 beautiful girls mansion smoke相关的主题文章: