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Day to day, cold, there is a warm hand can charge treasure – Sohu technology two Oriole Ming Cui Liu I have a girlfriend do not know now how poor friends in ambient temperature? This morning and the poor gentleman attempts to commit many times tweets are not successful, let the poor friends thought we bounced, the mood is very down.. Out of the small company frozen a Jiling, took a look at mobile phone.. A new wave of cold air is coming My big Hangzhou has become so cold.. Fortunately, some time ago just two into a warm baby, rushed out and blew up, warm moment… Today recommended to poor friends of the first product is the lovely small fresh, inexpensive and practical Macarons warm hand charging treasure! I’m sorry, I’m sorry.. (is it like ah ~ 2 or hungry..) To put a small family portrait to think this Macarons design inspiration is very clever. Poor friends when in use, not only touch can feel the bursts of warmth to the heart, even the taste will be mobilized, it always exudes seductive delicious ~ (black new three Macarons color, Q do not want) small round shape design, in my hand, to the people love experience. Anyway, this is the basic second two days did not leave the hand warmer.. In addition to the toggle switch, the hand warmer also provides a new method for opening. At Macarons blow, can heat it is bestowed to poor sister friends of Han provides great convenience! The second sister Liao (knock on the blackboard teaching program focus): are you still cold days more than two clothes, drink plenty of hot water to greet? Hurry up and move on.. The second thought, in this autumn winter days to send such a warm heart of creative gifts, can show your care and concern, but also bring a surprise to her warm festive atmosphere to a bit dry, you can also get the Macarons ease the atmosphere: you know, I will show a very warm magic Oh ~ (flowers on the side of a face many sister expression.. In addition to warm hands), it is a 4000mAh mobile power supply design for both convenient and intimate (iPhone ~ 6S can charge 1.5 times, or to the emergency should be broad) charging method is also very simple, for a conversion head ~ (head is a conversion course, in view of the recent ~) Samsung BOOM 7 outstanding performance, believe that poor safety friends for lithium batteries will also pay more attention to. Macarons warm hand charging treasure, use ceramic heating, the explosion-proof design special, safety is good ~ 2 reminder: Macarons warm hand charging treasure although the security is good, but still want to remind the poor friends don’t charge side, while using a hand warmer function, careful is always good.. Have a little experience: the morning of 4, 2 and bestie early departure to the martial arts)相关的主题文章: