Dalian reform and development over the past 5 years the speed of the headlines in Dalian 3u8547

Dalian: 5 years of reform and development across Dalian on April 8, 2013 that speed headlines "China urbanization quality report" Dalian ranked fifth sub provincial city in April 19, 2013 the province’s performance appraisal of Dalian won the "eleven consecutive years" in Dalian in May 20, 2013 ten elected innovative city in June 22, 2013 the harmonious city competitiveness of Dalian ranked eighth in September 13, 2013 twenty-seventh Hongkong international tourism exhibition released the results of ten the environment the best tourist city of Dalian topped the October 20, 2013 Dalian finalists as the leading city of Dalian in December 24, 2013 4 pilot school selected 500 primary school in Dalian in February 13, 2014 Chinese listed capital deputy provincial civilized city in April 17, 2014 seventh in modern Dalian In December 21, 2011 third the national agricultural development level of 85 National City create work performance evaluation results from the business employment in Dalian ranked first in Dalian in February 20, 2012 third won the "national civilized city" title in Dalian in February 27, 2012 February 28, 2012 was named the national advanced regions cultural system reform work of the Dalian municipal government transparency in the 43 large city ranked fourth in Dalian in March 31, 2012 "economic evaluation" global competitiveness ranked third in the provincial government in August 2, 2012 2011 annual government performance assessment in Dalian municipal government awarded the "ten consecutive years" in August 24, 2012 the most happiness city of Dalian in August 20, 2015 third the national global livable city ranking Chinese, eight city finalists, Dalian ranked sixth in Dalian in January 9, 2016 ten projects of national science and Technology Award in January 13, 2016 Dalian ranked seventh public satisfaction in January 14, 2016 approved the second batch of national ecological demonstration area in Dalian in January 18, 2016, leading experts achievement of Dalian basic education public satisfaction ranked second nationwide in May 8, 2016 in Dalian among the Internet plus tourism "list in April 21, 2016 the average annual growth rate of TOP20 7%, entered the ranks of the June 19, 2016 City trillion Xinhua (Dalian) software and information technology services development index (2016) released the 19 samples of Dalian City, ranked third in July 4, 2016, the quality of life of subjective satisfaction index Dalian ranked seventh in July 5, 2016 Dalian quality of life subjective satisfaction ranked the country’s top ten in July 8, 2016, the highest national talent award in the country’s top talent in the year of July 2016 1相关的主题文章: