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Cultural relics after all is to show how   isolated – Painting – Yang Xinyu source: China Youth newspaper (09 2016 07 August 02) if uphold the principle of "protection for protection’s sake" mentality, so that cultural relics isolated, let the world get spiritual nourishment from it, just these cultural heritage the value of the discount. In September 5th, the Imperial Palace museum director announced that in the next 4 years, the Imperial Palace will work to change the existing pattern of exhibition. In September 29th, the the Imperial Palace from Hongqiao to Western passage off the freezer will be first opened, then the Royal imperial house, ice house, Prince Yu Qing palace residence will be open. At the same time, the Imperial Palace is also expected to increase the length of the wall opening, more cultural relics and Arts Museum of the Imperial Palace collection will continue to meet with the visitors. From 2002 to today, the proportion of the Imperial Palace has opened up from 30% to a large increase of up to 65%, by the end of 2016, this proportion will be further increased to 76%, and plans in 2025 to reach the level of 85%. Expand open area, increase the public enjoyment of the cultural resources, means that visitors can better experience the Ming and Qing Dynasties imperial culture. This plan is open to the public and Gabriel no harm. However, different views that the higher the degree of openness of a monument, the greater the difficulty of the protection, the more risks faced, in the absence of open conditions, the protection of cultural relics and monuments can be better carried out. This view is widely recognized, many places of interest are open and even completely closed. Emphasis on the protection of cultural relics, will open as a threat, it was unworthy. Paul workers can not protect cultural relics and historic sites of the original intention to forget. The value of cultural relics and historic sites is that they represent the fruits of human civilization and the development of human history. If uphold the principle of "protection" for the protection of cultural relics from mind, let, let the world get spiritual nourishment from it, as the cultural heritage of the value of the discount. The full opening of cultural relics and historical sites, can give people the infiltration of culture, the history of education, ideological enlightenment. All this is seal blockade monuments and cultural relics hidden storehouse cannot do. "The state-owned cultural relics protection units should be open to the public; used by state organs, state-owned enterprises and institutions and social organizations, should create conditions for local or regular open, has been written into the" cultural relics protection law "revised draft submitted. The new law requires all over the security unit in the future, embodies the combination of protection of cultural relics and the idea of opening up. Of course, such as Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor is still buried in the ancient monuments, not to open, even if the archaeological excavations, may cause serious damage to cultural relics. If the opening is bound to damage cultural relics, of course, to retain cultural relics as the main. Last September, when he was Secretary of the State Bureau of cultural relics Li Xiaojie to "study times" revealed that the 4296 national cultural relics protection units have more than 50% not open to the public, the national cultural relics protection units of the more than 2 thousand is not open to the public may not have trouble protection. In the final analysis, these units are still relics of ancient相关的主题文章: