Confucius was born in Chengdu in 2567 to commemorate the student collective rites-govos

Confucius was born in Chengdu in 2567 to commemorate the Wanda Group of students "crown" seven students for offering ceremony hole. Confucius was born on the existence of a variety of claims, is now officially recognized that Zhou Lingwang in August twenty-one 27, according to the Gregorian calendar in 551 BC to September 28th. Until today, Confucius put forward "education for all", "individualized" education idea, education is still based around the world know. With the arrival of Confucius’s birthday, a variety of activities to commemorate Confucius in Chengdu schools, teachers and students in the worship ceremony, Confucius Avenue, held the classical rite ceremony, held a meeting, the apprentice: classic way of chanting, expression of nostalgia for the Confucius of the philosophers and admiration, inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation. The classical rite for students and the league in September 25th, bingshen year Chongzhou (micro-blog) to commemorate the two thousand five hundred and sixty-seven years of the birth of Confucius Confucius a ritual ceremony cum Student crown ceremony held at Confucious’temple in Chongzhou. From Chengdu Shishi middle school, Chengdu seven school, Chengdu Wanda SHUTER middle school, Chengdu middle school, Chengdu – Chongqing hole (Anglo American) International School and other schools a total of more than 50 students attended the ceremony ceremony. This is the Chinese nation Confucius Confucius was born in 2567, Chongzhou Confucious’Temple followed the Ming and Qing Dynasties state Confucious’ temple worship notes, the worship is too firmly, for the three gifts and six Yi dance ritual of Confucius. In the solemn elegant ritual, "Sichuan geek" Wei Minglun as a priest, pay tribute to the statue of Confucius for the early. After the memorial ceremony, the Confucious’temple in Chongzhou in accordance with the "Zhu Xi" ritual instrument system, held a classical rite – crown for the active site of more than 50 students. All the students in the adult ceremony to accept many in dachengdian before the clothes, the crown, and in accordance with the traditional crown ceremony entered the new stage of life. Chengdu seven Wanda high school student Hu Shurui in the organization of the school, early in the morning came to Chongzhou Confucious’temple, this activity for the heritage of culture, bearing in mind the history of a great role." Hu Shurui said. Kong Qing, deputy director of the Chongzhou city yanhuachi Museum, as a key cultural relics protection units in Chongzhou yanhuachi Museum of Confucious’temple was destroyed in the war the country, Qing Shunzhi sixteen years (AD 1659) rebuilt, still preserved Maninsan wall, wooden lingxingmeng, Li Leting, pan Chi, the great hall, and Kai temple, Ji door Zunjing Pavilion and other buildings, Sichuan is the five complete ancient one of the Confucious’ temple, Confucious’temple is also a complete ancient Chengdu area only. In recent years, the Confucious’temple in Chongzhou held an annual autumn Festival ceremony Confucius, aims to revive Chinese traditional culture, promoting the cultural self-confidence. Mentoring system first worship Confucius yesterday morning, Chengdu city primary school will hold a conference to hongpailou. The first worship was Confucius, he created the educational thought and spirit of the height of the world, later an unreachable. Until today, Confucius put forward "education for all", "individualized" education has become the world education foundation, his theory of "benevolence" is to become the pursuit of the highest realm of human spirit. Secondly, in the form of a pair of pairs of colleagues to learn, to form a master and apprentice. Zou Fang, President, said: as a teacher, on the one hand, the Chinese people have the honor to nurture our education, but also very ashamed, we have been pursuing for Confucius.相关的主题文章: