Comedy mobilization to reproduce the image of the classic Chen subversion starring Jack (video)-lm3886

"The comedy story" reproduction of the classic Chen to subvert the image in Jack [Abstract] on Saturday night comedy "Nemo" program, Chen and Jia Ling to join the movie adaptation of the classic "Titanic", Chen subversion starred Jack, and Jia Ling. Chen acting online praise. The incarnation of Jia Ling Marysu Chen Liao lady mad! The two comedy salute "Titanic" Chen and Jia Ling Tencent entertainment news on Saturday night, the Comedy Competition play variety comedy "Nemo" broadcast on TV in Zhejiang. In the program, Chen and Jia Ling to join the movie adaptation of the classic "Titanic", which appeared in the modern version of Jack, and shredded meat, in the form of a comedy dance dance, reproduction cruise heavy sea scene, gain the audience acclaim. Among them, Chen acting dancing are online, his deep stage but also make friends sit up and take notice. Chen subversion starred Jack dance with Jia Ling up to the climax in this program, Chen return funny character in Jack, together with Jia Ling movie "Titanic". Chen and Jia Ling to dock with the classic scene, very beautiful. The opening unexpectedly broken, two people adopted piecemeal Peigemoqi, Chen Jia Ling Xianshengduoren teach spit, caused the comedy. Subsequently, in order to reflect the scene of the cruise shaking, Chen Chen rapid response body jitter. Then, Chen Chen and Jia Ling dance on the stage, his pace brisk action flexible, coupled with a vivid expression, but also to lift the audience climax, users have points praise Road, did not expect Chan dance is so powerful". Chen acting online performing delicate wins applause in laughter after two people were in crisis, Chen was Ken Carle steal the watch, his hands were handcuffed unable to escape on the railing. In the escape process, Chen hope from the beginning to the passers-by, eyes clear rising tone. To hear the first-class cabin is about to close, he will gradually dim eyes speak quickly, helpless characters psychological activities penetrating portrait. And finally to the verge of despair when the three voices, there are people, Chen and background music to achieve emotional explosion, with the imagination of the audience to complete the performance of the audience resonate, applause continued. Through the two performances, drama origin Chan, with strength to show their deep stage. In an interview, he also expressed his love for the stage: I think on the stage, and the audience is a kind of communication, when you come on stage, your baggage ring, then I think the heart is steadfast."相关的主题文章: