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[color] Qingyun forecast baby Lotto 16135th period: 1 a numerical cooling period lottery prize number out of 0103313234 + 0207, the front region and the value reached 101, the company opened a group (3132), and decreased to 9. Comprehensive analysis of 2016135 big lottery recommended: AC value analysis: in recent period values were changed slightly, the numerical value is 5-6-6-6-4, proposed 2016135 main see AC value rose to 6 points. 012 Road: phase 012 out of the ratio of 1:3:1, the last phase of the 0 road out of the number of 5, the number of the way out of the number of 13, 2 out of the number of the number of 7, the next phase of the 1 numerical value of the temperature signal is reduced to 5, the number of 1. The complex interval trend: 134 period complex interval lottery number ratio of 1:0:4, bye isolation code suffered nearly ten lottery numbers, according to the characteristics of complex interval number can be obtained, the latest 135 historic opportunity to fill 1 pieces of code. The average value of three means: recently opened 20-12-20, even 2016135 consecutive out mean, focusing on promising mean to stay in the 2 prefix interval. Three area ratio: the interval between the 134 distribution is 2:0:3, the number of the cold zone of the prize number of two, followed by the 16135 phase of the three partition number has a cooling signal. (source: color treasure net)相关的主题文章: