College students just graduated from the debt owed to pay for medical treatment was arrested tencent upd

Just graduated from college due to inability to repay loans caught stealing injured medical Hubei Enshi city freshgraduates Wang jiancaiqiyi, did not expect, smashing the windows of the car theft of property when the hands are scratched, was arrested by the police to the hospital. 29, the Enshi Municipal Public Security Bureau police investigators told the suspect Wang Wang is to repay the petty loan company’s debt rush into danger crime, at present, the case is still in process. The evening of August 22nd, Enshi citizens Mr. Tan parked in the car window smashed the theft of an underground parking lot, put in the car, a backpack, an apple 5S mobile phone and more than 3500 yuan in cash stolen. After receiving the alarm, the police rushed to the scene to carry out exploration. Police found the car on the right side of the window had been smashed, the car a lot of glass fragments scattered on the ground, some pieces of glass are stained with blood, and the blood from the car to the underground parking lot exit extension. Police analysts believe that the blood is likely to be injured in the theft of the car when the window was injured, see the degree of bleeding, the injury may not light. Bleed to the hospital. Along this clue, Enshi City Public Security Bureau police division, home visits by the medical institutions in Enshi City, and finally to a Wang man at night to the hospital bandaged hand wound, 8 suture needle medical records in a Enshi hospital outpatient department search. According to medical staff, the police found that the man carrying a backpack with the victim Mr. Tan stolen backpack is very similar. Thus, the police will be Wang as the main suspect, dispatched to arrest the implementation. September 24th at 7 pm, police in Enshi Xueyuan Road City, a cake shop, will be arrested wang. Upon review, Wang explained that after graduation is not ideal, was a small loan company debt recovery. The evening of August 22nd, invited by a friend in the bar, take the elevator to the underground parking lot, parking lots of cars to see, jiancaiqiyi and the initiation of the idea of car theft of property. In Mr. tan with a brick smashed window glass when implementing theft, rush of broken glass scratched his left hand. According to Wang explained, then, the police in his home, found Mr. Tan stolen apple 5S phones and backpacks. Currently, the case is still further processing. For more information, please refer to [big Chu Enshi] WeChat subscription number相关的主题文章: