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Collection company "foot" stored in the collection of the Zha back? – Sohu financing recently, Nanjing citizens Aunt Wang worried: she bought 30 thousand yuan of collection in a large palace collection company, wanted to keep possession possession to earn a little money, the company has gone now, stay in the company "collection" also can not get. Aunt Wang fell in love with the collection after retirement. The first half of this year, her long hair in the center of a large palace collection company 30 thousand yuan to buy a collection of stamps. The company promised to return 20% of the proceeds to the original "deposit". The company said that in September this year, you can have a cash". Seeing from the "honor" the day has not been a few months, Aunt Wang put the goods at the time of the company: "I bought three sets, put a set of walking, the other two sets of existing companies, such as the preparation of the recovery." However, Aunt Wang did not expect is: honor the day, the seller has disappeared. At present, Aunt Wang and others have reported the matter to the industrial and commercial and public security departments. Reporters from the business information query table to see: this collection of registered capital of the company is only 100 thousand yuan, suspected of briefcase company". Investigators said that due to the collection industry has a certain particularity, there is a certain degree of difficulty in the investigation. For example, a block of RMB collections of the company sales, if the bill can be identified as counterfeit money, there is no doubt that this is illegal and criminal behavior. But if it is true, there is a lot of difficulty in determining the value of the. The legal profession that, because the company has gone, even Aunt Wang et al made civil rights lawsuit and won, is likely to face a dilemma cannot be performed. So to remind the general public: if you do not have the professional knowledge, the best investment behavior don’t involve this business.相关的主题文章: