Closure of the first day of the Yangtze River Tunnel Traffic rose 70% to work early tomorrow to prep musiland

On the first day of the Yangtze River tunnel bridge closure traffic rose 70% to go to work tomorrow to prepare early yesterday, 4 old workers went on the bridge from "old friends". Photo by Chou Huidong overnight, the guardian of our 48 years of Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, while the night closed overhaul. In the next 27 months, the best way for people to cross the river from the bridge into the Yangtze River Tunnel in Nanjing. Yesterday was Saturday, although there is no congestion, but yesterday’s two tunnels have a substantial increase in traffic, the Yangtze River Tunnel over the previous weekend by 70%, the Yangtze River tunnel has more than 30% traffic. In addition, the ferry passenger also doubled. Tomorrow is Monday, the morning peak of the people to do a good job ahead of the river to go out to prepare. Said the number of crossing the river: Metro Jiangbei Station passenger yesterday increased Yangzi Evening News (reporter Chou Huidong) the evening of October 28th Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge closed as scheduled maintenance, first weekend morning, the Nanjing subway passenger station has significantly increased mainly North of the Changjiang river. As of 10 o’clock yesterday morning, Jiangbei main passenger station, such as Tai Feng Road passenger station on Saturday (October 22nd) an increase of 12.8%, Tianrun City Station passenger traffic grew 21%, Liuzhou Road Station passenger traffic grew 26%. The backbone role of the subway in urban public transport again highlights. In accordance with the established Nanjing subway bridge is closed during the transportation security programs, on the evening of 28, 29 and 30, in line 3 key stations arranged 220 professional personnel to work overtime protection, and strengthen the main lines of the switch station, transfer station, passenger line station equipment inspection frequency, and the implementation of special cloth the focus of the station, the train security posts. The passenger ferry has nearly doubled Yangzi Evening News (reporter Liu Liu) yesterday morning, the reporters came to visit the Zhongshan dock, though it is Saturday, but where traffic and work on almost more than half of the people are riding a bicycle, electric vehicle. The reporter saw at the ferry, the bottom filled with all kinds of non motor vehicles, two seats of the public is relatively less. Many people said in an interview, the original cycling across the river is mainly about convenient, but after the ferry would be crowded, still need to wait and see whether it is time limit, it is not or would consider the transfer bus or subway. The reporter learned that, in order to deal with the bridge is closed, the company will ferry ferry flights 100 times a day by the encryption, encryption to 138 times, the peak time of the waiting time is shortened. The usual daily ferry carries more than 5000 passengers, yesterday of tourists has nearly doubled, starting next Monday, this figure is likely to rise. The number of single wheel load in general about 1000 people may be full, when the ferry company also prepared to cope with the peak three ferry. Watch the scene: the old workers see "holiday" old friend Yangzi Evening News (reporter Chou Huidong) yesterday, the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge highway bridge usher in the most comfortable one morning. The public and the construction of the bridge stands together on the bridge, the day before it became the The stream never stops flowing. bridge, a pedestrian bridge, we stop pictures and Bridge Road "morning" and "goodbye". This is issued by the Nanjing municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Nanjing studio launched the "goodbye, my bridge", is also相关的主题文章: